Ohio train derailment, cars exploded & uncured PVC fume cloud spreading

This… could be bad. I haven’t seen much on the news (actually nothing) but the train that derailed had cars with uncured PVC. Which the cops blew up. Which is now spreading as a vapour cloud. Apparently over Ohio farmland with winds predicted to spread it further.

As documented in the excellent TV show a couple of years the Soviet government delayed evacuating of Pripyat for more than a day and did their best to suppress and cover up the magnitude of the Chernobyl accident for as long as possible.

Seeing more rumours posted in pieces…

That balloons are great for tracking wind patterns.
That a grain car on the train was on fire before the derailment.

Theory goes this may have been worse. That a fire of these chemicals further along the line might have blown to DC, Baltimore etc.

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The Yanks should pay far less time and money shooting down balloons and more of both…

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