Oil and Gas fields off the Irish Coast


Currently passing Dublin . . .

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on the way to drill Barryroe

transport.ie/upload/general/ … LAND-1.PDF

providenceresources.com/uplo … er2011.pdf

I stand to be corrected but this is the first (and only??) well to be drilled this year offshore Ireland. That would be about one to two thousand wells less than what will be drilled offshore Norway/UK this year.

I am a shareholder of Providence and Lansdowne.


In fairness how many of those would be pure exploration wells? The vast majority would be related to the exploitation of well defined, economical, producing oil and gas fields.


Submission to Oireachtas Joint Committee on Communications, Natural Resources and Agriculture
Tuesday 22nd November 2011

(Well worth a read, only takes about 15 mins)


And yes before someone mentions it, I’m well aware that the IOOA are a mouthpiece for the Petroleum companies. Nonetheless I think they do a good job summarizing the current state of activity (or lack thereof) on the Irish continental shelf.


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Has it really been delayed by planning and local protests. I’m very much out of touch with this subject but this seems to be going on for years. Is it that they are trying to do something technically dangerous that has them delayed?


Wasn’t that the issue with the original 5 farmers who protested? Since then it seems to be ground zero for every confrontation junkie out there.
There seems to be so much nonsense out there about the whole thing; on boards some one posted that Norways health care was being paid for by the gas off Mayos coast.
Burke may have not had Irelands well being in mind but I don’t think these resources are what’s going to transform Ireland into another Norway. Many people seem to think the Irish government should be in charge; the same government who has zero experience in oil exploration and who couldn’t even get a payroll system designed.


I think we’re lucky Shell didn’t tell us to stick our gas up our collective ass. Or sue us for their cost overruns*. As it was, we incurred costs in the tens of millions for policing the protests, plus the loss to the economy of having the gas available to industry. I think the more obstructive protesters got away pretty lightly with short runs in the slammer. I take it all as further evidence that the people and the governments of this sodden rock richly deserve each other**.

  • Maybe they did … I wasn’t following too closely.
    ** In many cases.


Partners in the Barryroe oil exploration well in the Celtic Sea offshore Ireland have reported encountering oil shows.


“Pressure data over this interval have revealed the presence of both oil and gas bearing zones, with the oil gradient being consistent to that of a light c. 40ºAPI crude,” Lansdowne stated, and several oil samples have been recovered for analysis at a UK laboratory.

Further plans are now being made to test the well once a production liner is installed.


We’ll most likely get nothing out of Barryroe except another Atlantic Resources share ramping scam…courtesy of Atlantic Resources trading as they do nowadays under the name Providence Resources and with another O’Reilly in charge. :frowning:


Yep, massive amounts of funny money flowing into speculative oil and gas plays around the world, and it’s one big pump and dump ponzi scheme, now in bubble territory. When the price of oil crashes, expect the ensuing hangover to burden the global economy nicely. Not as big as the housing bubble, but pretty massive all the same


Shhhhhh! I have Providence shares (I guess they started off as Atlantic Resources shares - long time ago…) that are Going To Come Right One Of These Days… hope there’s enough to make up for Uncle Albert’s Bula sinkhole.


bbl = short for barrel or bubble??? :open_mouth: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barrel_(unit)#Oil_barrel


Well, there’s possibly a bubble in oil prices right now, or a preemptive buy-up in advance of a possible shortage if the stories of the Saudi pipeline explosion prove true.



Saudi official says pipeline blast story is “absolutely not true.” Oil benchmarks surged on rumor; NYMEX crude settled up $1.77 at $108.84


The story appears to have died down now, just proves how volatile the markets are!


Iranian tV not the most reliable; especially re. Saudi Arabia…!


In tomorrows papers (The Times I think) the Barryroe test well is said to have flowed 2000 barrels a day. I aint an oil expert but Ivan Yeates caustic comment was " Me thinks someone has shares to sell"


That less than a fortnight ago. :slight_smile: It was in the Examiner not the Times.

I withdraw nothing and commend Ivan Yeates for belatedly spotting what I said less than 2 weeks back.


I’m pretty sure Ivan Yates has no more or less knowledge on the subject matter than your average Joe.

About a year ago I would have been of the same opinion but since then I’ve done some some work in the area of play based exploration. I know absolutely nothing of this particular prospect but would be a lot less cynical now as to it’s viability.

Past performance in this regard is absolutely no indicator of future failure.


rte.ie/news/2012/0315/provid … iness.html