Oil and Gas fields off the Irish Coast


Hasn’t taken long for the looney Greens to get on the case:

I will eat my hat if marine seismic testing can cause internal bleeding in a mammal a hundred miles away. I suspect the looney senator is citing the same evidence as here: “[seismic] can disturb marine mammal behavior over 100 miles away.”

The impact is moderate and can be mitigated. That’s never going to be good enough for the econuts though. In this and other articles I’ve seen they trot out a litany of random distortions. There is never any sense of balancing the potential dangers to the goods that would ensue. As far as I’m concerned, these people are frickin’ dangers to society.


slightly tangential but equally infuriating:

what subjects might help climate change? Materials Science? Mechanical or Electrical Engineering? Biotechnology

nah “scholarships towards renewables, sustainability and environmental protection”


Does this mean couldn’t have bought out Shell’s share of Corrib, even if we had been offered it?
Are we selling off Moneypoint? Ending peat harvesting?


It’s a bit of a gamble, though. It’s always going to be expensive to extract, and LPG shipping continues to expand. Buying it could turn out to be a significant and expensive mistake; it may well be more expensive to exploit than just importing gas for a long time.


Yes, Bord na Mona will end peat harvesting by 2030. It’s arguably ridiculous that it went on as long as it has. Extracting and burning peat has to be subsidised by the state to make it viable.

I don’t think there’s any decision on Moneypoint yet, but its days are probably numbered.


Are they not semi State?


IIRC there’s a shitload of coal under Dublin Bay around Dalkey island- great opportunity for diversification :wink:


Mary Harneys husband even wanted to steam the gas out of that Coal (" underground coal gasification ") while Mary was in Cabinet with the Greens. :smiley:

Read this piece on “The Nomad” , a ‘Guard’ Vessel.


Steamer :-GC


There is a very small but still non-negligible possibility that Ireland will some day experience a complete cut-off of electricity and gas from the UK.

It would send average living standards back about 30 years:

At that point some deliberate policy choices of recent years:
-no nuclear
-no LNG terminal
-no progress on an interconnector to France

Will be looked on as scandalous.

Historical claims by Irish politicians that wind improves security of supply will be looked at like claims about financial stability c September 2008.


The possibility has been hugely increased by the impending UK exit from the EU.


What does Brexit Mean for the Energy Sector in Ireland?, - IIEA Policy Brief


Most of this can be blamed on that clown Ryan and his dismal stint. We are still connecting wind farms in 2017 offered a ‘Gate’ onto the grid by Ryan and will be for another two years at least far as I know. :frowning:

a) We will never have a Nuke and the Brits have made such a dogs inner of their energy policy mix that we won’t go in for a share of UK Nuke located somewhere in Wales either…nearer Dublin than Liverpool as it happens…because financing a nuke in the UK is almost impossible now.
b) You don’t actually need one, you can regasify on a ship …and the ships exist…and store it in Kinsale as a buffer.
c) There is progress on an Interconnector to France, albeit of the glacial kind. However the other interconnector was down for months a year back when something blew up in Meath. There are no spares for interconnector switchgear as it is all one off and ferociously expensive kit. :slight_smile:


How expensive is not having electricity?


Only Last week!!! :slight_smile:

to which I promptly replied.

" **You don’t actually need one, you can regasify on a ship **…and the ships exist…and store it in Kinsale as a buffer. "

Roll on to this week. Its always nice when 2Pack says something sensible and the morkesh hops to it with a few 100 million investment tout suites like. :smiley: :smiley:

rte.ie/news/2017/0802/89472 … texas-gas/

and this is Texan gas, not gas from some loony tunes arab state. :slight_smile:

Great! Now can we roll back on some of the ‘energy security’ green loopery. :frowning:


My thoughts exactly 2pack!

But never fear, every Fruit Loop in Munster will be out to declare this the biggest environmental threat since the Union Carbide plant in Bhopal.


Well done to 2Pack, finally managing to call something right

But beware, 1/3 of our national gas requirement, exposes us to possibility of ‘price shocks’ that inevitably mean more expensive rather than cheaper gas here. But look, we’re only talking about an RTE headline here, let’s find out more about the facts before getting too excited about things.


I’d be much less concerned about a supply shock from Texan gas in the medium term than I would be about either North Sea gas or Russian gas transiting Europe with us at the end of the pipe. The Permian and Barnett shales have at least tens of Tcf’s and there is a supply glut which presumably is why they can liquefy it and ship to Europe and still be competitive with European prices. I presume the Green fruit loops won’t object to imported fracked gas any more than they did to imported nuclear electrons from the Welsh interconnector.


The fruit loops cannot complain about LNG because it is considered quite clean from the greenhouse gas perspective, but the company hasn’t yet built its liquefaction plant in Texas so protesters still have years left to figure out what part of the project to moan about


Mmm, stored in the kinsale gasfield, that to me sounds like an idea up there with biodiesel.