Oil or Gas Fired Central Heating?

Hi all,

albeit being a reader of the pin for a while this is my first post :smiley:

I’m looking for a property at the minute and as 1st time buyer have lots of doubt/questions.

Could anyone explain me what the best option between Oil or Gas Central Heating will be?

From what I could gather on the web Gas Heating is the winner:

  • cheaper
  • more energy efficient
  • more environmentally friendly
  • the house heats up quickly
  • no need for tank (maintenance and refill)

I saw many properties I would be interested but many have OFCH and that put me off a little.

What is you opinion?

I have both in different houses. Depends on your usage but i doubt gas is cheaper as you pay a standing charge and levies. If you just use it for heating i would prefer oil as there is no summer bills. Easier to control if you are anyway handy and can dip the tank or check the indicator,useful to be able to bleed a pump too but usually the delivery driver will do this. Also advisable to check the price per litre as can vary with quantity and supplier. Gas is good for cooking but a guess a lot more expensive depending on usage pattern.

An alternative may be a wood chip boiler perhaps? It would potentially fluctuate less in price in terms of global demand etc…

Just a suggestion btw…

What? Gas (circa 5c/kWh) is fully half the price of oil (close to 10c/kWh), including standing charges for anyone using above a few hundred kWh pa. There is a tarriff for small users with no standing charge. Separately nat gas for cooking is well under half the cost of electricity or bottled gas

I’m shocked that this is knowledge is not baked into everyone’s heads

Also wondering which is best. One thing for sure though is stay away from underfloor heating. Seriously expensive running costs never mind the installation.

In most applications yes. if you have a very well insulated space with daytime and night time occupation, which is small, it’s ok, otherwise, it’s too difficult to control and extremely wasteful

I dunno, oil has gotten very expensive lately.

We have gas a installed and are with the one supplier for gas and electricity.
The Gas does the heating and the hot water, electricity for cooking, light etc…

Gas only in the winter months is about $150 every 2 months
Gas only in the summer is about €40-50 every 2 months

I’ve lived in houses with both and much prefer gas.

I like getting bills in arrears rather than having to have money upfront to get a fill of oil.
I like the fact that gas is piped to my house, so there’s no need to worry about whether the oil tank can make it down the road.
You don’t get airlocks with gas.
I’ve never heard of anyone’s gas being stolen.
I think (this may be entirely in my head) that heat from gas is quicker.

On the other hand, their is the risk of a gas leak but that, thankfully, has never happened to me.

that said, I wouldn’t let oil heating put me off a house I loved (whereas I wouldn’t look at a house with electric heating).

I’ve got underfloor heating and wouldn’t wish for anything else. However, the house meets those criteria – smallish, extremely well insulated, and used day and night (although setback settings look after that anyway, up to a point). I love the fact that you can just heat the rooms you are using, and can control the temperature to within a fraction of a degree. Runing costs are ok compared to the alternatives. The downside is that warm-up time from cold is on the order of a day, so you need to be able to predict your usage.

thanks all!

I always had electric heating and I hate it, so it’s not an option

  1. Gas
  2. Oil

… and I won’t even suggest electricity as it’s completely useless !

One or two Electric night time Storage heaters can be usefull for granny flats, though expensive they are maintenance free. Otherwise it should be Solar Light emitting diodes
sophisticated efficient solar thermal for some energy needs, and thinking sustainable and reducing costs and increasing insulation.

I would probably opt for underfloor in your situation too then.

Not necessarily, it’s about the same cost as oil right now, but much more controllable. If you have a badly insulated house with oil, my recommendation would be to use a couple of panel heaters run on timers with thermostats
ebay.ie/itm/650W-Slim-ECO-En … 612wt_1139

Gas by a long mile . But if you find a house you really like and can afford and there is a gas supply in the neighbourhood which you tap into at reasonable cost - that might be the way to balance things.

What kind of cost would be involved in something like this?

Spot on. All good restaurant kitchens use gas for cooking. Nothing like it but good electrics can perform if you have access to them. Its the shyte you get in rental thats a pain. If you like cooking you would naturally only want to use gas for cooking, excepting for an oven quality electrical oven with fan as they are more. You don’t have to have gas pipped to enjoy this as a feature. Cylinders come in handy for gas rings.

If it is within your power design the house so it needs natural little if any energy input and use what energy you need for heating water when sun won’t do it and also your food.

laughinglawyer wrote:
Gas by a long mile . But if you find a house you really like and can afford and there is a gas supply in the neighbourhood which you tap into at reasonable cost - that might be the way to balance things.

What kind of cost would be involved in something like this?

If there is a gas suplly on your street /road the Gas company will bring it to your front door -the cost of putting in your boiler would be fairly modest and of course you will be using existing rads if in reasonable nick -good investment in my view, You also get ‘credit’ on your gas supply -you pay for oil up front and continuity of supply -not just cost is a real issue as things develop.

Gas, but it’s not always possible. If only because getting oil can be a pain in the neck and it can run out on you at the least covenient time