Old Convent, Eyrecourt, Co. Galway (-865k, -75%)

Was 1.15m

Currently asking 550k
and with a max reserve of €275,000 in next Allsop auction
auction.co.uk/irish/LotDetai … 73&S=L&O=A

It’s Roger Whittaker’s house.
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 55792.html

SOLD: 285k - 10k over reserve.

auction.co.uk/irish/LotDetai … 73&S=L&O=A

Serious bargain (if you want to live in Eyrecourt!)

Serious bargain even if you didn’t…




For the record, now asking 850k(!)

I am asking €100,000 for this moldy mars bar I found behind my desk. :angry:

Seriously, is anything in Ballinasloe worth more than €150k, the average wasge combined with the average quality of occupant for the area hardly spell out prices in excess of that.
this particular property is a money pit and I suspect it is not worth any more than the price paid at auction. Property tax, heating, maintenance… I doubt the person who bought can afford to run the place.

I guess the question is did it actually sell? Pictures look like of the old owners stuff.

I was thinking about this the other day. I highly suspect that the price will be reduced by 50% to give the impression of a bargain.