Old Dublin Airport Terminal


I’m only a youngin’ but isn’t this the old airport terminal?

Yep and a horrible building to work in from what I can remember being told. No aircon, dodgy windows, lots of glass so it’s like a greenhouse during the summer and as noisy as you’d expect an airport building to be. Wouldn’t be for me.

I really love that building. I toured it while it still housed ATC. I might still have all the vacuum tubing intact so any office would have an alternative to email.

Can I get the 'pin through vacuum tubing?

For a moment I though the entire building was up for sale. DAA selling the family silver and all that. :open_mouth:

Personally, I think the Old Terminal is a lovely building. AFAIK it’s a protected/listed structure and was built in 1940. It’s a bit of a pity how thay had to run the walkway for the new Pier D right in front of the Old Terminal Building. I doubt that it could really cater for modern office needs.