Old primetime on councillors

ANyone see this tonight I was at a match and forgot to record it was it any good

Watching it now from 4,000 miles away. Shockin’ stuff. Councillors telling water engineers to get stuffed, and rezoning a goddamn flood plain for building on!

I just can’t take anymore property related programmes. I had the horrifying realisation that this nation will be gripped in a kind of morbid fascination with the property crash for years. Was it mainly about planning, or was there other stuff as well?

I had the same sensation while watching this evening and changed the channel. The national broadcaster decides to air an exposé of the corrupted planning system a week or so after the mainstream realisation that the State has been enveloped in a speculative property bubble/frenzy for years.
You couldnt make this stuff up.

all this was going on (mid 1990s) while we were laughing our heads off at Fr Ted.

A pile of fucking scumbags fumbling in the greasy till, if the men of 1916 were looking on us now they’d leave us with the brits and they’d be right.
Greedy pricks at every corner in this banana state.

I particularly enjoyed the fact that 70% of the countries town councilors are in violation of the ethics rules for not even bothering to fill out the The Ethics in Public Office Act forms properly. The government needs to start tossing then in jail/fining the crap out of them…

Sorry about this - but I am also 4000 miles away and in a hotel room!!

Can anyone post me a link - or even a website where I can watch it?

It’s not online yet, but it’ll appear here fairly shortly.


Crikey that reads like a feast of doom mongering …

Primetime 26/11/2007

Pressure increases on homeowners

  Adrian Lydon examines the increased number of homeowners facing repossession for failing to meet the repayments on their home

  Dearbhail McDonald, Irish Times, and Michael Cullory, MABS, discuss the perils of the sub-prime mortgage market

Concern for Irish economy amid plunging stocks


  Donagh Diamond assesses the impact that unpredictable world markets could have on the Irish economy

  Richard Curran, Sunday Business Post, and Ray Barrell, Economist, discuss the future of the Irish economy amid turbulent world markets

Ray Barrell. Now that brings back memories.

That was last thursdays Primetime. Originally it was to focus on international investments, due appently due to external pressures the focus changed at the last minute to the above.

Last nights Prime Time Investigates was about planning


I don’t know if this idea is too radical to merit utterance, but I pray your indulgence.

Never put knuckle dragging neanderthals in a position where their actions may impact on the lives of others.. :bulb:

I know, I know crazy idea, but I just can’t help thinking it has some merit.

That councillor McElvaney was practically laughing at the interviewer when he was answering questions. Sure it’s all just a bit of a jape, it’s not like we’d’ve harmed anybodys futures by having them living in a lake 3 times a year

Thanks - just watched it.

Excellent show

How many of these “xpose’s” have been done by Prime Time and other such shows? And what was done about it?


A few posts on a few message boards. A few rumblings from an unknown civil servant talking about “stringent reviews” or some such BS

At the end of the day, nothing changes…

The councilors are the world class brains who introduced bin charges, car clamping & pay n display.

pint in conways, anyone?

Watched it from 8,000 miles away :wink: and tis a good job too cos if I had a double barrel shotgun…

What needs to be done now is that two wings of the Joy need to be set aside, one for these scumbag councillors and the other for the cowboy solicitors :smiling_imp:

I haven’t seen the show but was this a Monaghan councillor?