Old Smurfit Plant, Botanic Road

I see a planning application is lodged for the old Smurfit site on Botanic Road.

irishtimes.com/life-and-styl … -1.1964349

What’s the thinking on this? It’s right beside some of the nicest houses on the northside (Iona Road). A cursory look at the plans and I wasn’t all that impressed. They don’t particularly look like high quality properties - although I’ll look in more detail later.

dublincity.ie/swiftlg/apas/r … ts%3C/a%3E

Only one car spot per house…lols

No need - public transport amazing around there :unamused:

And it’s not a traditional hotspot for houseshares

DCC probably wouldn’t allow any more.

47 residential units in total – 63 apartments, 18 maisonettes and 66 houses. That’s a lot of supply to dump on to the market which should nicely depress prices in the leafy parts of D9.

Echoing another thread, the IT link is another example of the declining standards in the “paper of record” - the picture accompanying the article shows the Tolka House on Glasnevin Hill - nearly 1 km away from the site.

This was refused permission.


Story: independent.ie/business/commercial-property/planners-reject-housing-project-despite-shortage-30777251.html

The general view seems to be they were pig-ugly, too close to other houses and there were too many of them. No mention of traffic in the decision although plenty of observations referred to it.

Quite surprising…I thought a few pre-planning discussions would have sorted out any major concerns that the planning office had… unless of course the application (and I haven’t actually looked at it) was REALLY taking the mick… 147 homes for that site does seem quite excessive when you consider that it would need to include play/recreation areas as part of the development. I thought that there was an area development plan from several years ago that already laid out a blueprint of what the council had envisaged for the area… I looked at it years ago and it seemed to be fairly decent (in so far as the artistic proposals are!). I’m surprised that any developer wouldn’t have a lot of the issues sorted before they even applied…