older city centre properties in Cork WIW

can anyone shed some light on what older terraced properties should be making in Cork - on daft asking prices seem to range from €99k to €165. we have been looking around the southside but as an example there are houses on both barrack st and bandon road where the asking price is varying greatly but their advantages / disavantages seem to balance out.

sorry if this was more of a brain fart… tuesday after bankholiday is never good!

Lovely house on Quaker road

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rk/1475051

Down to just under €100k I have NO connection with the house but know the area very well. A lot of the inner city houses around Barracka are fairly dodge looking, you would have problems with insulation as the walls are very old and can be very thick. THere was a beautiful one on the Examiner about a month ago in Parkowen
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rk/1857429
€ 165k will probably go for €125k your man is a lecturer I think who is heading back to Scotland or somewhere, quirky but full of character

Subsidance or flooding may be an issue, call an insurance company and see if they will underwrite it.
If it can’t be insured then no mortgage.