Omicron 2021



Interesting yesterday’s announcement of US military vax, a magical sounding swiss army knife vax - as an aside, possibly using a Bucky Ball / C60 delivery system (haven’t dug in yet so no great links yet only the story below):

Ket us not forget we did enter into the self replicating / self disseminating vaccine territory with the shedding/transmission issue, suddenly supporting documents appeared in close proximity to the concern as it grew legs on line, maybe a controlled release, post facto

Interestingly we have this US Mil vax story yesterday, hot on the heels of Trump media moment, where for once his qualified pro-vax statement got some boo’s but more than he for a change rebuked it with a deeper insight than normal - he has been making statements like this most of the year, at rallies, the people hate it, they boo, he says nothing and move son, except this time and it got covered now.

Remember the pattern?


They’ve certainly been hypothesised before…


Missus just off the phone, seems like omicron is rampant in the area, everyone (all the calls today) is cancelling their Christmas get together because of at least one person being infected.
One neighbour had Delta a couple of months ago and now has omicron and she was told it was her own fault for not getting vaccinated, disgraceful attitude from the medical staff! :rage:

Missus is now wondering whether to go to Mass this evening, I said go, you might as well catch it tonight rather than next week, at lease it won’t ruin out Christmas.

It must be clear to all that omicron is a very different virus to previous variants of COVID by now, and that the vaccines are effectively useless against it.

The evidence from South Africa where only 30% are vaxxed proves that point to those who look.


I’m seeing messages from (pro-vax) people I know who are double vaxxed and boosted in whattsapp groups saying they are positive & isolating for Christmas too, in addition to all the various reports & tweets online.

A reinfection in an previously infected/symptomatic acquired-immune (non-vaccinated) person? Or was it just a positive PCR asymptomatic delta “infection”? Reinfections were incredibly rare…


A positive test and as far as I know no symptoms, so hard to tell, but my money is on a false positive (this time) as she had quire a severe dose in November.


This is consistent with the Danish Data that the vaxxed are getting omicron more so this is not unexpected. And we’ve known for 10 weeks from the UK data that the vaxxed are twice as likely to get Covid.

I worry about what happens from a social stability sense if the vaxxed big advantage in severe Covid outcomes shows signs of getting smaller or reversing. It will show up in all cause mortality as per the Columbia study. But if the Health Bureaucracy lose their advantage on serious illness from Covid itself then we will see unrest from the dissatisfied Vaxxed.


I’m not so sure about that, when we see stories of people volunteering to be microchipped like dogs, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there is a demand for the second booster to be rolled out ASAP!


By shot 9 or so I’d imagine they’ll be on an intravenous drip for it.


bloody drug addicts!

Edit: I see we’re over 11k now, let the panic continue to ramp up



How does anyone know what they gotz, cause Tones says?


There are no certified Omicron variant PCR reagents. There is no valid test as of two days ago.

There are no authorized, cleared, or approved diagnostic tests to specifically detect SARS-CoV-2 variants (Omicron or other variants). Currently, COVID-19 tests are designed and authorized to check broadly for the SARS-CoV-2 virus, not for specific variants.

Basically some reagent kinda work, others dont. But as one of the key markers used previous has multiple mutations its all just guess work.

So far, the preliminary RADx laboratory studies with heat-inactivated omicron samples suggest that the Abbott BinaxNOW and Quidel QuickVue antigen tests are able to detect the omicron variant with similar performance as with other variants. However, these data are not a replacement for clinical evaluations using patient samples with live virus, which are ongoing and do not rule out an impact of the omicron variant on test performance. RADx is continuing to evaluate the Abbott BinaxNOW and Quidel QuickVue tests and other antigen tests with heat-inactivated omicron samples and patient samples with live virus.

So huge increases in “positives” is mostly due to PCR reagent failure.


UK Government are starting to see the light!


I may have had this last week, thought I had the flu, so I stocked up on Lemsip and strepsils, but it was so mild I didn’t use them, if thats Omicron then this BS needs to end, maybe common sense will return in the new year

In the same week my vaxed brother had Covid, (I may have caught it from him) he seemed to have worse symptoms, but again not as bad as a flu


Pretty sure I had Omicron in the last week if the listed symptoms are anything to go by. Had a very sore throat last weekend, and because it’s exam Season I couldn’t really get out of work so ran the risk of losing my voice on Monday afternoon. Back to 100% now though. Last time I had a cold/flu was when I was in Australia in 2017. Pretty sure it was the Australian flu. It was at least 5 times worse than this cold, minimum, probably 10 times worse. I couldn’t get out of bed with that let alone get to a workplace.
Just on the whole getting to the workplace. It probably gives you an indication of how little my East Asian location cares about Covid, since March of 2020 that not many even batted an eyelid that I was kind of sick. We barely had a lockdown. I have taught in the classroom with dozens of students coughing and sneezing since September of 2020. Nobody wears a mask outside ever except in the centre of the city sometimes. You have to wear one on public transport but on more than one occasion I have sat beside people that remove their masks when they sneeze as they don’t want to get them dirty. It’s kind of laughable. You have to wear them recently going into newer shopping centres but many people take them off as soon as they walk through the entrance door.
Most things have been going as normal here since Mid March of 2020. They just tighten things up every time it gets to a major holiday so that there is not a mass spread of Covid to the very elderly in the provinces. The only demographic that should fear it.
It’s kind of amazing to me to see a lot of the fear mongering in the West. I stopped paying attention to Covid for about 6 months from August of 2020 until I realised they were going to bring out the genetic vaccines. Life where I am has not been disrupted so much since March of 2020. Only Western people here actually care about the virus. And I’m certain it’s spread rampantly where I am, many of the strains. There is a lot of showmanship from those in power to make it look like it’s under control. It really just isn’t that bad, which they already knew here, as it was probably spreading from about May of 2019. Just stop mass transit at peak flu Season and you are alright.


It seems to me that we are witnessing the biggest misidentification of a virus in the field of modern medicine, and that omicron is in reality a common cold variant.
Medical advisors and their political servants may soon have to eat a lot of crow as they try to unwind this stupendious clusterfuck!


My child (16) tested positive last week. Days 1 and 2, fever at 38 degrees. Panadol controlled very well. Slight tickly cough and sniffy. Day 3 strong headache. Panadol to the rescue again. Days 4 and 5 just tired no energy and loss of appetite. Treated with iMath protocol and partner and I took prophylactic Ivermectin Vit C, D and zinc. For such a contagious disease and close quarters we did not get sick. And I am asthmatic, 55, overweight and pre diabetic and have high blood pressure.

I would characterise the event as a mild cold.

Unlike Delta I know of many cases of Omicron and all have the same symptoms.


Dr John Campbells latest video, sums up the UK government’s response to omicron.
one of the comments summarises it quite well,
Could say the same for many other governments in Europe


Pfizer contract.


Oh bugger. I have a positive test. Bit of a temperature, bit of a headache and bit of fuzzy brain but otherwise feel fine. I’ve had worse hangovers.

Trying to get a PCR is a mare.

Went over to Boards and everyone has it and no one is sick. All are having mild symptoms.