Ominous signs in Australia

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Old(ish) news but the mentality only a months ago was totally different - buying single bricks in a house as an investment.
Backed by a major bank.

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GDP 0.3% for the quarter, expected 0.6%, previous 0.9%

Bracket creep holding things down because of very poor income growth.
GDP is now positive because of non-discretionary spending … :open_mouth:

The crash hasnt even begun. 2019 will be a economically dark in the sunny country and it will last a few years.


Aussie politican singing in Parliament…I enjoyed this…

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Is this true?


Prepare for hard landing in Australian housing market, OECD warns
Australia should start preparing for house-price induced downward spiral - OECD
‘Yeah, nah’: The OECD has its eye on Australia’s property market and it’s worried

House of cards - very good detail
With about 55% of the wealth of Australians tied up in property, fear is mounting that the downturn in housing could affect the broader economy.


If the OECD are saying it, it’s already too late.

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Falling interest rates didn’t reverse Ireland’s crash.


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Long shorts are really working out now, at least this time around I`m not a student and was able to get stuck in good and early. … 2ea2c891bb

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anecdote from a comment:


Great post and article. Yikes is all I can say!

With China cracking down on the money that can be removed to countries like Australia, will this stop the gravy train of rich foreign students?


What is the future of Australia’s housing market?
3 parts


I went travelling last year to a number of countries and stayed in an AirBnB beside UNSW. I used the gym there a couple of times and got food in the University shop. Nearly every person I saw at all times walking through the campus was Asian. It was kind of shocking and I thought maybe the young Australians just weren’t too bothered with education.


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