Ominous signs in Australia



Really shocking stuff - lend more to prop up an unsustainable bubble. Strongly reminiscent of 2008/09 in Ireland. Next they’ll be accusing some academic of ‘talking down the economy’!


And like Ireland the majority of voters will agree


The AUD dropped to 67cent to the US dollar temporarily overnight before regaining some of the drop. Hell of a drop. Just what would happen if they actually dropped rates and implements QE ?

Time to get some Euros? Or USD?

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Aussie Finance minister


Australia braces for hard landing in housing market … -1.3749277

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Job losses come next … gdp-2019-1

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A good time to snap up a public sector job if you’re currently in real estate.

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100k price reductions, free ipads and rental guarantees to try and nab some buyers!


They already have found their economist to blam talking down the economy - Steve Keen.
He, like McWilliams, was many years early.
But he, too was right and it’s going to be a mighty collapse. It’ll be interesting to see what el gov in Oz does, they’re much more invested in the bubble than even Irish governments were.


Weird, just opened the page and this ad for buying property in Australia with a foreign mortgage popped up. Spreading the net wider.
I hadn’t looked at this thread since the last post and I’m browsing from England, is it popping up in Ireland?

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Expert warns Australia could turn into slums in 20 years | 60 Minutes Australia

Opal Tower Turmoil | A Current Affair Australia

Sense of Déjà Vu watching these.


^ just watching this now, aye carumba. The Oz version of Priory Hall


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Train wreck TV


Surprise, surprise. The worst negative equity is in the new developments in far out suburbs, where people got high LTVs to “get on the ladder”. Sounds familiar.