Ominous signs in Australia

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So Quantitative Easing is the path they`ll be following


More out of cycle rate hikes, highlighting how useless rate cuts could be … age-rates/ … 512ip.html

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March 14 2019

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Ooh, one more quote and I’ll be able to shout Housie for my warning signs bingo card!

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#2651 that article shows the scale of the absolute insanity…just this bit explains it all…

The number of homeowners in Western Australia who are struggling to repay their mortgage is still rising, and the Reserve Bank is monitoring the situation for threats to the financial system.
The RBA says WA’s rising mortgage arrears rate – which is already the highest of any State – is not yet large enough to threaten the economy’s financial stability, but it is keeping a close eye on the situation.
Western Australia is 2.5 million people out of a population of 25 million
prices have ‘only’ dropped 18% there
so if that threatens the entire financial system, bearing in mind everywhere else rose while they crashed until a year ago when Sydney and Melbourne started falling too then when arrears rise in Sydney and Melbourne then the system is kaput
absolutely kaput




China stops allowing its’ citizens to move money out of China. A little while later, the housing markets where the Chinese people used to invest all their money such as Canada and Australia crash. Who could have seen that coming.


So that’s where they are in the cycle. Anyone remember the “edgy” property ads we had prior to our crash?


The names Bondi, James Bondi



Martin North (DFA): Under The Debt Volcano

I discuss how Ireland navigated their financial crisis a decade ago with Eddie Hobbs, the financial writer, adviser and. broadcaster, who lived through the crash and commented on the events in Ireland. He wrote and presented a programme on state broadcaster RTE entitled Rip-Off Republic in 2005.


I found that discussion with Eddie interesting



Thanks for posting this. It really is worth a listen. Some points made hit very close to home.


Election time. Some marginal seats to be had…high migrant cohorts…

2-8 million

Meanwhile the bubble bursts and labour, likely to win , courts china using WeChat

There is the added element of fake posts on wechat … potentially influencing the election


Concessions for occupations vary and include:

Just when you thought Australia’s ‘skilled’ migration settings couldn’t get more farcical we get this.

The appallingly low $53,900 wage floor for ‘skilled’ temporary migrants is apparently too high, even though it is $32,700 below the current average full-time Australian salary of $86,600, as well as way below the median full-time wage of $68,620, both of which comprise skilled and unskilled workers.

It is also unreasonable to expect migrants to be able to speak good English, and to come to Australia at an age where they can contribute for a decent period of time before transitioning to permanent residency, retiring, and claiming health and aged care benefits.

Nor does SA need more low wage migrants when its labour underutilisation rate is running at 14.8%, with underemployment above the 1991 recession: