Ominous signs in Australia


This is why wages are going nowhere, as already posted there no longer is a skills shortage in Australia as many new migrants struggle to find anything but menial work. … sa/9883386

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AX hits 10 year high … 11lls.html


Quite a different prediction: … 621-h11nqd

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The ‘epicentre of the downturn’: Sydney housing slump to last until at least 2020, say economists

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Bricks and slaughter: Part one - Exposing Australia’s housing crisis | 60 Minutes Australia


Went onto the second part two, comments disabled. It’s going to be a bloodbath.

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That is well worth a read

again, worth a read


Excellent article


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Highly highly relevant as there are some reports of vacancy rates dropping and rents rising which would put a floor under price drops. The government very deliberately put the foot down on the accelerator of migration over the past few years.

It is labeled as skilled migration but thats only a tiny amount relative to the new ‘temporary’ visas that have been issued. Those ‘temporary’ visas are a route for large numbers of low skilled third world migrants who will cram in to Sydney and Melbourne (and they are as its far better than the slums they come from). The catch is a very real race to low standards of living. … oming.html

The government doubled down on property quite a while ago. Remember they also guaranteed the banks in 2008 (which had the unintended consequence of relieving the banks of negative impacts of irresponsible lending) thereby throwing fuel on the fire.

Nevertheless at growth of 380,000 a year and an average household size of 2.6 it equates to a demand of 152,000 properties a year. The rate is currently over 200,000 being built a year


Spoke to a banker in Sydney. “Soft landing on the way, Sydney back 5-10%, with another 5-10% to come, Perth already bottomed out, Brisbane and Adelaide never had a boom.”

Safe to say that panic hasn’t set in just yet… :angry:

We all partied. XD BD

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Second link would leave you speechless or you might laugh out loud alot. It’s subscription but free to, do it if you are Aussie based

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Recent mortgage survey done by UBS (“How well do you know your mortgage” - more info in the link in the post above on the roger montgomery website)

Hard to see anything other than a massive bail out

this is from a year ago: … 004-gyu2qh

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The media is catching on … 4d30a3ecd8

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