Ominous signs in Australia

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Uh-oh - it’s too late to leave the party, well, it is when you are so drunk you can’t walk.

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apparently regulation is ‘acute’ - XD

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While the overall average is much less, some individual postcode areas have dropped by around 15 - 27 or so % … 506od.html

Sydney: … 506b5.html

Check out the cool tool on
Lets look at St Kilda on it… … 2-vic?cid=

Scroll down to the “Median property price” heading, look at the trend for the last few months - since June prices have been below 1 million and as of September 2018 the median is $865,000.
Change the chart from monthly to annual - the latest number is December 2017 - I reckon the chart must need a full year to auto expand another year which is why on the monthly we get the month just gone etc. Anyway the Median price as of December 2017 was $1,367,500

Eye watering with plenty of more room to drop. In 2013 house prices were $590,000 - which is where it dropped to (from highs of $727,750) after the last temporary drop in prices with were ramped back up by various things that just wont help this time.

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Repo fun begins


Where’s me Nama Sport!


Site repo’d in 2014, new owner started work on it a couple of weeks ago and displaced owner then decided to “occupy” the land!
Why didn’t make a stand four years ago?


Ben Gilroy prob going on holidays to Oz in the near future.


More than 1 million households in mortgage stress … ouseholds/

and…people are starting to wonder about deposit safety

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AMP predicting a 20% peak to trough decline in Sydney/Melbourne. Back to 2015 levels they reckon. To sustain a bounce at those levels you would need what? Maybe if rental yields get to levels where they exceed the cost of capital? I think that would require a big discount even if interest rates drop. Even then, value investors would be looking for a decent risk premium before taking the plunge. Lenders are likely to get a whole lot more selective in who they lend to. … 018-h16sdp

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Communist party wine

Australia already selling off the silverware

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Has any country other than China ever ended up on the winning side of one of these deals ?


I dont get it
Are they on about future lending?
Can I assume they have packaged all there existing (billions/trillions) loans to third parties i.e. you and me and pension funds?

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another interesting sign … ?t=2762040


Really interesting perspective about retirement develops at the 40 minute mark, I hadn’t thought about the inability in a falling market to raise the downpayment that developers would need to begin.

I reckon the Irish Fair Deal scheme could be adapted further to bridge that gap. It would actually allow people stay out of nursing homes longer if they can transition to a semi independent living developments.