Ominous signs in Australia

“We are working on a figure of 200,000, it may well be more than that but we will be actively looking to bring as many people into Australia as soon as we possibly canKaren Andrews, 22 November 2021.

The types putting up bed sharing/sex for rent rentals…

Different country, same economic model + Landlord exploitation

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Governor General is a weak link in a democracy


Net overseas migration (NOM) was 96,200 in the March quarter – the highest quarterly intake on record

Rule of thumb - to compare with Ireland divide their numbers by 5 as their population is 5 times larger approx (25 million). In Ireland this would be approx 20k a quarter or 80k a year NOM

This surge in NOM drove Australia’s quarterly population increase to 124,200. Why oh why would you do this? Why are developing countries doing this at a time of post GFC/new neoliberal free for all economic model induced shortage.

BTW Australia is headed into another Wet Season during a La Nina

Third in a row

Why is this important? Because Australia is a land of drought, fire and floods. La Nina and El Nino have large effects on the climate and Australia has years of drought followed by years of rain. The population will be ramped up during a period of plentiful water.
Sydney's dams may be almost full – but don't relax, because drought will come again.
During the most recent drought from 2017 to 2020, Sydney’s water storage levels dropped by 50% of full dam capacity in two years – a much faster depletion than in previous droughts.
Sydney used less water in 2019-20 than it did in 1990, despite its population growing from 3.8 million to 5.4 million.

With water saving measures already in place and clearly effective there are not many levels left to pull. It will be absolutely certain that climate change will be blamed on the next drought. Its already being blamed for the recent floods that caused so much havoc where development occurred on floodplains.

20,000 Koalas left in New South Wales

Kaila works six days a week cleaning the motel’s rooms and tending the tavern’s bar.

She’s living here because she says she applied unsuccessfully for about a hundred properties in the gentrified area that was once a fairly sleepy country hamlet.

Regional areas like the surrounding Coffs Coast used to be the sort of places people working in low- to middle-income jobs like hospitality, retail, nursing and aged care could reasonably expect to find a home.

A Four Corners investigation has shown thanks to the critical lack of social and affordable housing, they’re not anymore

neoliberal economics at its best:

foreign owned energy firms are busy sending their profits offshore, which is why Australia’s net income deficit hit a record high in the June quarter despite the trade surplus hitting a record high:
So basically, Australia has found itself in the bizarre situation where the more gas we export, the poorer citizens on the east coast get.


This is an east coast problem. Western Australia has has reservation for domestic use. High gas prices o the east coast will ensure any remaining manufacturing will be damaged or destroyed by high costs despite Australia being the saudi arabia of gas

Can be more than that in some specialties (well over 100, or 120/130) if you’re on call that weekend. This is why the papers then get to report on some “Junior” doctors making huge amounts of money on overtime payments.


Stephen Donnelly…added that the Department of Health was already acting, in part by allocating €1m to improve working conditions by providing doctors with places to lock their bicycles and “somewhere to put your wallet, somewhere to hang your coat, the ability to get food and water at night if you’re doing an overnight shift”.


jeez anything but do something about the real issues.
99% of politics is tinkering around the edges pretending to be doing something