Ominous signs in Australia

Retail worker, 38 yrs old , back living with her parents after renting for decades. Living in a shed an hour from Hobart.

What changed? Rental prices.

Australia 10 years ago was a good place to move. I could no longer recommend it as a destination for a skilled migrant. You’d be msd now. At any point environmentalists will make a visit back home unaffordable while you struggle to buy a house. You can struggle closer to your support network.

Simply a result of the scale of the migration. Australia had , up until relatively recently, been a good example of migration. Its been gamed and abused by politicians and businesses.

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Oh i wonder why


Mirvac is an Australian property group with operations across property investment, development, and retail services. This entity now broadens their clientele and shareholder return on investment by venturing across multiple development sectors, including residential and offering build to rent developments

From the government budget 2022 2023



Investor complaining about repayments

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They are working on housing shortages…

…In the year 2022, approximately 72 thousand babies were born in Australia. This was a significant decrease compared to the previous year, when approximately 315 thousand babies were born. Moreover, 2021 saw the highest number of births in Australia compared to the previous decade.

Extra few thousands in 2021 was the effect of lockdowns, but the drop in 2022 is shocking


Easy sorted, just need to change one’s driving habits and invest in good quality bull bars.

Terry Rawnsley, Director at KPMG Planning & Infrastructure Economics, has published a post on LinkedIn estimating that Australia’s population grew by 440,000 people last year, taking the nation beyond 26 million people

Wow. It’s a very popular destination for young Irish doctors. They love it there. If I was of a paranoid mindset I’d wonder if it’s an intentional brain drain from us, if other nationalities are having such difficulties while ours isn’t.