Ominous signs in Australia

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Australia goes full retard. Between this and the full recognition of all qualifications and trades from India it signals the start of what will be an inflection point in a graph.

Early data shows the start of a massive replacement of the existing population.

The Albanese Government has made visa changes that will allow people to do a six-week course in aged care with minimal English as the first step to permanent residency.

Australian births run around 300k, deaths 170k a year.

Net Migration is looking at 650k a year.

29% of the current 25 million population was born overseas. Apply the 29% factor to the difference between births and deaths. Subtract it from the 650k and you have a shift to foreign born of about 559k a year.

16 years until less than 50% of the Australian population is Australia born (to Australia born parents).


Australia on a roll