on lmfm now

more great news!


what news?

LMFM is an independent Local Radio station in Ireland. It is also the largest Local radio station outside of Dublin and Cork broadcasting to a population in excess of 300,000 adults. Media group UTV bought the station in a deal worth about €10 million in 2005.

I presume it’s here:

But I can’t get the stream to work. I tried to cross it with another stream, but the total protonic reversal was a little bad.

Don’t cross the streams!!!

Yes, so I gather. It’s bad.

what was the news?

It won’t play for me either. What is this about?

honeypot site set up to harvest IP addresses of Pinsters for CIF christmas hamper purposes 8)

Probably just another interview with that media darling, Karl Deeter… O’course, LMFM seems to suggest he’s taking a step down in terms of profile… :laughing:

Unwelcome Guest - karl deeter says that sometimes he likes to ‘slum it’ with regional radio. :wink: