On the home straight - Sunday Times

This article for the Sunday Times is written by Merryn Somerset Webb, the editor of Money Week. She’s writing about the UK but it should be applicable here too…

She’s hit the nail on the head.

Ireland is the same, maybe a few months ahead.


Good 'ol Damo will probably tell us the opposite tomorrow

I check the Moneyweek website regularly, it’s a decent site. I generally find them on the ball. Good articles, no bullshit, no jargon. Perhaps a bit heavy on the precious metals.

Ireland is different , our gravity is different to theirs over in the UK .

Indeed, I heard Country Tom stating on the radio recently that FTB’s have plenty of recourse to their parents equity to help them get on the ladder if they can’t get a big enough mortgage!

Nothing new here.

People on the Pin recognised that price of property is driven by the availability of credit a long time ago.

Theres even a time difference, but we live in denial of that!


If prices here were only 5 times average earnings then the average house price would be around 180k… yikes we have a long way to fall.

Yeah. That was the one that jumped out at me and she’s also implying that five times is high. I wonder what she’d make of the Irish banks.

I heard from a not very reliable source that Country Tom got her weekly slot.

It will be an eye opener for the poor Brits when they try to make some sense of his ‘logic’ …something like yahoo yahoo gwan ya boy ya hup DeValera and buy the lot boys 8)

Country Tom in action :wink: