On User names, Signatures, Avatars & Rankings

These features will be familiar to many users but a few words for the uninitiated on the following subjects won’t hurt a bit:

(Well, maybe a little bit!)
User name / Anonymity Policy **

The use of your real name is prohibited De facto.

thepropertypin.com is intended to be a friendly and informative forum resource, but we request that anonymity be maintained on behalf of our members. With this in mind, when registering as a new user we ask you not to use your real name, or any pseudonym that clearly identifies you. If you breach this policy, your account may be suspended or deactivated.

Furthermore, we recommend that you refrain from divulging personal information on thepropertypin.com that could identify you. This includes both forum posting and private messaging. If you have any queries regarding the use of your real name or concerns regarding posting of personal information, please contact the administration team.

User names are reviewed on a case by case basis.


Users, through their profile interface, may attach a signature to their posts. The maximum length allowed is 500 characters (which includes spaces, commas, etc.).

Let your words of wisdom rain down on the masses.

The following types of signatures are generally prohibited:

  1. Commercial link backs
  2. Onerous Multiple links

You signature may be modified without notice by a members of the content team. Signatures are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Again, like avatars, there is no requirement for users to employ signatures.


Users are able to employ avatars / profile pictures on thepropertypin.com Web Forum.

An avatar is a small user icon which is displayed in the left panel of a posting. As you can see, I employ the character “Spike”, from Buffy The Vampire Slayer and yes, that’s very sad. But anyway, some users will be able to make points and even bring light relief with their choice.

You are not obligated to have an avatar but if you care to upload one, the following applies:

It must be a “.gif” format file, 80 x 80 pixels and keep it to no more than 16/32 colours.

You may also link to it from an external website.

Any problems, please contact Open Window through the Open Development section of the forum:



Underneath my username and just above my avatar / profile picture, you will be able to read a title. That title is a ranking that is automatically ascribed to a users based on the number of posts or relative seniority that a user has achieved.

Again, this is a common feature of most Web Forums but it must be understood that these rankings are merely a bit of fun and do not equate to the real life circumstances of our users.

For example, at the time of writing, I was not attending a planning tribunal - “Planning Tribunal Attendee”.

For the record, here are the rankings and number of posts required for each level:

*Migrant - 0 posts
Homeless - 5 posts
Private Tenant - 25 posts
Back Home with Mammy - 50 posts
First Time Buyer - 75 posts
Single Home Owner - 100 posts
Neo Landlord - 200 posts
Holiday Home Owner - 300 posts
Old Time Landlord - 350 posts
Speculator - 400 posts
Property Magnate - 500 posts
Real Estate Developer - 750 posts
Planning Tribunal Attendee - 1000 posts
Under CAB Investigation - 1500 posts
Too Big to Fail - 3000 posts
Of Systemic Importance - 5000 posts
Nationalised - 7500 posts

Suggestions for improving or additions to the ranks are most welcome and can be made through the Open Development forum:


If you have any other suggestions / ideas for how thepropertypin.com site or web forum can be improved, please don’t hesitate to get involved. The 'pin is as responsive as possible to users and all suggestions / comments and most importantly, ideas are welcome and may be discussed in the Open Development forum:


Have fun and be careful out there!