Once-off clean for apartment move-out

The day has come, and early next week I’ll be in my new place. Before then I’d like to get a cleaner in to get my old apartment sparkling.

Can anyone recommend a cleaner or cleaning company for an apartment in the Ringsend area that’d be available on short notice?


Don’t pay by the hour either. I had to fire someone after 3 hours as they’d only cleaned 2 bathrooms (& broken my hoover to boot)

Some of the letting agents have cleaners that provide this service possibly?

Used Maud’s Home Services recently for a one off and the workers they sent were sound. No messing around looking for your cleaning products or mops, they brought everything and made a great job of things. Like the poster above got a cheap crowd in once and would have done a better job myself in the time they were in the house.

I have a small apartment that I rent out from time to time, and I use About Time - about 170 Euros for complete apartment clean including steam cleaning the bed and sofa, washing the skirting boards and doors, cleaning the windows (inside only), floor, carpet, oven, fridge bathroom etc. You will get them cheaper if you do less though. The whole clean takes 2 people about 4 hours.