One for the Soup . P ( Paudie ) O Halloran

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I’d love to know what he did to piss off “Trisha Young” who features heavily 8)



As I suggested before ( ) we should have Peter Kelly and Commercial Court No 1 as a TV channel, not Dail TV. This stuff is much more entertaining! And the emails! Either they were really written by someone thick as shit, or they were forged by someone equally stupid.

And here’s one for the Woolies:

(from Indo report)


The comments on this page allege that Trisha Young is an infamous con-artist and David Ames is running an international Ponzi scheme. Then it seems that “Trisha Young” (which is apparently an alias) starts posting herself… … me-fatale/

It could be an interesting case alright!


Begins to look like another one where the ‘tycoon’ is eventually identified as the owner of a sweet shop in Crossmolina … if there are any sweet shops in Crossmolina… :mrgreen:


This is fascinating. Trisha is not what would pass muster as a reliable witness …not even as a bystander to a feud in Tuam. There is a right juicy blog post here following on that other one :smiley:

I would like to clarify that the ICE Group mentioned in the blog link following is entirely unrelated to the ICE Group owned run by former FF Senator and failed general election candidate Margaret Cox…not that Margaret has been near this part of her website for 3 years. Paudie owns or controls the other ICE Group and should clarify that unconnectedness seeing as Margaret has had her one for years. … s-a-fraud/

CAPS by the blogger . Trisha is known by a number of aliases it seems. Even Stuart Pearson could be said to have had many personalities but thankfully only the one name :slight_smile:

Trisha made the papers in Barbados some years back when charged with fraud against her employer, Cable and Wireless.

As for David Ames, has he ever finished any of his carribean follies and does he have any happy investors in his schemes, anywhere ??? Touch of the Ciaráns about the man :smiley:


This lot, Harlequin , are rather adept at issuing thunderous legal threats …rather like McAnthony and MRI are in fact . … abroad.jsp … hread.aspx … -pro-37112

The most interesting single observation about them.


What’s the political angle?

That’s the only reason for a property related story to be in the Soup…


Developer used €9.5m meant for luxury apartments to buy a private jet and grand piano for his girlfriend, court told - Ann O’Loughlin -> … 77747.html


3,000 Britons fall victim to £250million fantasy villa fiasco: Holiday home scheme promoted by Pat Cash investigated by fraud police -> … olice.html


Nine years on, has he finally run out of road?

The evidence against him was such that you might think he would want to avoid the courts at all costs.

There was also “persuasive” evidence Mr O’Halloran was diverting other substantial sums paid by Harlequin for other matters unconnected with Buccament Bay, including to buy a private jet, a racetrack in St Lucia, expensive gifts including a $65,000 diamond ring for his girlfriend, a quarry and renting an expensive mansion in Barbados.