One from the wollies

Got to love that bit, why the f**k did she buy it then :question: :question:

I am a casual net surfer and the Pin is one of only a few web sites that I visit frequently…however I am becoming addicted to the weddingsonline disussion boards…

A 30 minute read of some of the posts would turn you off marriage for ever.

Oh my god…

In fairness to the woman, she’s demonstrating pro-activeness and is at least dealing with the situation.

Getting out now will pay her dividends and she’ll have learnt valuable lessons about the sharks who operate in the property sector.

Most people simply stick their heads in the sand and just like the amateur shareholder who’s “in for the medium term” and has convinced himself that it’s “just a blip”, will lose out big style.

Eh, I beg to differ. 40 years of enslavement vs 5 years of commitment, yet freedom to move about is a no-brainer IMO.

It has lost its essential immediacy since they banned the Bad Language in January .

They may as well merge with now 8)

Are you talking mortgage or marriage there?
I’ll get my coat also…

Without reading the referenced thread, keep it clean muffins!!! :wink:

Anyone can make a mistake! I’m sure she thought she’d like it.

I find weddingsonline, and great for reassuring myself that I am, in fact, a relatively well-balanced individual.

They’re not great for maintaining my faith in humanity though :confused: