Online Home Ins. Calc - Pulling SqFt - Sourced from where?


Anyone have any ideas as to what source Aviva might be using in estimating the Sq Footage of your house based on your inputted address/ EirCode for Home insurance purposes?
It seems to be accurate for when I compare neighbouring houses that have been extended V’s non-extended houses etc?
OSI maps are usually out of date, as are most Google Street view Pictures, and not everyhouse is on a planning register, so what might be the source for these Sq Footage estimates?

See their online calc at: … onKey=e3s1


I put in my own and my parents’ eircode and it gives me an estimated rebuild value, not a square footage. Not a particularly accurate one either.

Re the square footage, every time a BER cert is issued the square footage is recorded on an SEAI database.


That seems freaky allright at first glance. But wherever there are populating square footage from it is incorrect for me and highly incorrect for one or two of my neighbours that I checked.