Only 3,000 homes to be built here in 2012

Only 3,000 homes to be built here in 2012 as market grinds to halt -John Mulligan → … 39964.html

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I remember meself and the old Pin original big beast “Green Bear” thinking the rate would bottom around the 10k per annum mark about now.

The worst year in the 1980s had 15k completions which would be around the EU average for our population.

Of course that journalist John Mulligan could have spotted that Euroconstruct are tallking through their holes and **Completions will certainly be at least double that, 6000. **Sure we built nearly 2000 by March :smiley:
House Completions (Number) by Month The State
2010M01 1207
2010M02 1258
2010M03 1294
2010M04 1166
2010M05 1187
2010M06 1058
2010M07 1213
2010M08 1130
2010M09 1250
2010M10 1211
2010M11 1526
2010M12 1102
2011M01 834
2011M02 880
2011M03 1052
2011M04 863
2011M05 814
2011M06 884
2011M07 873
2011M08 802
2011M09 915
2011M10 775
2011M11 938
2011M12 850
2012M01 627
2012M02 639
2012M03 665

I think they meant to say commencements not completions

Any reference to back that up claim about the 15k new houses being proportional to a European average?

Seems very low to me, 133 year replacement rate and an assumption of no population growth?

c.4 per 1000 skulls per annum Landlord. 18000 not 15000 I think but you may remember us building at least twice that for years and claiming there was a shortage.