Open Consultation - Sub Forums Rejig

Dear all, whilst there is a long run project to reorganise the 'pin into something more userfriendly and perhaps even a bit more targeted in terms of the new parameters of debate on the site, I’m proposing in the interim, users would give their views here about what sort of sub forums, they would like to see…

Not suggesting any of the ideas will be incorporated as it is not my project but it would be interesting to get to hear some concrete proposals for realigning the various sections of the forum from the people who use them most!

Fire at will…

I think the Central Bank section should be registered users only as its not directly concerning property.

Guest users browsing the site should see only property related threads, as that is the core mission of the site. It makes the message clearer when there is less other stuff mixed in.

Mods should not ban IPs. Banning a username is one thing but banning them from even reading the site is way OTT and doesn serve any purpose.

Also it can backfire as I know of an entire company that cannot read the pin at work, since one of their employees was banned and had the companys IP banned as well.

I would recommend immediate unbanning of currently banned IPs.

I think property will not necesarily be the ‘core mission’ of the site going forward.

The focus is broadening and the structure needs to be overhauled to reflect this.

There should be an annual pin awards for best and worst forum posters, worst VIs, best and worst value properties etc

But there are a lot of FTBs out there who come to the site for some info on whether now is a good time to buy or not. The core message of “No it isnt” should not be obscured by loads of esoteric threads on financial topics like “german bunds” or “the price of gold”

Would you happen to work for this company HWV?!? :laughing:

Anyway, please can people keep to the topic of what sections they would like to see in a new interim version of the 'pin, this is not the thread to plead for clemency or discuss moderation of the site itself.

As xman says, there will be a medium term shift probably to a new format of the site, these are interim arrangements to try and improve usability in the near term.

Actually it was the guy that put me on to the pin told me about that company.

Take it up with OW by PM. Back on topic folks.

I’d like to see a “Front Page News” where pinsters can try their hand at journalism, capturing the top stories of the day or week and pulling together their view of the various strands of information out there.


I think bannings should be voted on first by forum elders.

Do we, or should we have a mission?

I would like the link to last post to be available to the Piston

It is down at the bottom of the latest posts page

Keep on topic.

Can the owners give some sort of preamble as to what direction they see the site going, and what is there vision (if one) for the future?, Focusing on purpose if applicable,

Who are the owners?!? :nin

The Central Bank is a bit cluttered these days, given the shifting ration bewteen economic and property topics.

How about splitting out the CB into a few new sub forums to make . e.g. Property, Markets, Industrial Relations, Political Commmentary, International Events etc and of course the Piston

That list is not cast in stone, I think we need to try to anticipate the trend in news & discussions going forward, ideally no one forum should become too top heavy, the pin is a broad church covering a broad range of topics these days, and the scope of the forums should probably reflect this. It would also be more helpful for newbies to find their prefered topics quickly and (here’s one for the mods) it might reduce the amount of posts that need to be moved if there is a more streamlined and focused set of forums.

Oh and how about a slider in the signiature that indicates where you stand sociopoliticoeconomically :angry: Here’s one I made earlier just for you TUG 8)

The central bank should be split between domestic and international.

The rest of the country price drops should be split (provinces rather than counties)