Open Consultation - Sub Forums Rejig


Replace Stalin with:


How about a whole section about jobs, getting people back to work and setting up your own business.


but Stalin kicked his ass :angry:


Pin’ll fix it for you?!? I always pictured OW as looking a bit like Jimmy Saville later on in life… :wink:


But AFAICT it doesn’t have a link to last post, you have to remember where you were withing the thread.


You should restrict the opening of new threads to senior members or on request to a Mod.

There are far too many threads started which are well covered elsewhere, but which newer members are not aware of and don’t use the search function.


I’m not sure we would be able to process requests quick enough to make the forum work.


Then restrict opening of new threads to posters with 200+ posts. Seen that on a few sites.


I’d like to see a sub forum for agents, valuers etc.


[post deleted]


I would like to see more topic segments like splitting the CB section into national, international, stats and reference, and perhaps banking, trade, politics, etc…
Also I think there should be a policy to delete irrelevant posts which could be in a link within each topic, older topics are boring to review when there are so many irrelevant or off-topic posts. A good example is the current redundancy watch topic which was hijacked for half a day last week with irrlelevant crap, the whole history of that topic is importnat IMO so those posts should be deleted.

A segment on THE FUTURE would be cool also.


Hey man, that’s just how the 'pin rolls…

Duplex, do you mean like a members only type thing for agents, valuers or could other posters interact with them!?!? :question:


Not familiar with the scope of phpBB but when you view your posts in Profile would it be possible to link to your own last post rather than just to the thread? I’m constantly trying to find old posts of mine to post follow ups.


Members only I’d suggest as it would probably attract more posters. Of course other posters could read the posts and members of the agents etc sub forum could discuss on the other subs. I think it might be a worthwhile exercise to see if it attracts any interest.


This is offtopic but you should be able to do both… By clicking the thread title does it not take you to your post?!? That’s what it does for me! And believe you me, I search alot of other user’s posts!


Serious problem with validation of bona fides though and it would probably just attract trolling… Perhaps there’s a market niche here for a separate site?!?


OK I guess it is off topic, maybe shoulda gone in the development forum.
But ayway, in response:
Logged in.
Click Profile ->
Click Show your posts (below Total Posts figure) ->
Displays list of Threads
Click on thread title goes to page 1 of thread not to my post.

EDIT: Never mind, I’m a feckin eejit can just use user search XX


i think the a few overview charts links would be handy for recapping on everything that has been covered on the pin, for example a chart that illustrates the rise and fall of Anglo.
a property-TD tree, showing who’s linked with who through business and investment. donnie cassidy would be a good start.
a graph list link with house price fluctuations over the years.
basically visuals as a resource on the pin have great potential, i know there have been lots used in many threads that have been great but a few focused ones like daftwatch and anglo would be good for new viewers and regulars who just want to recap quickly.


Possibly because I’m new, but I have a hard time knowing what should go in The Central Bank. If the forum allows general political or current affairs topics that are not directly related to property then it should be a bit clearer where to put them.


I’ve noticed a lot of threads started asking “What is this place worth?”. I started one myself. I think it would be a good idea to have one place where all these could be posted.