Open Consultation - Sub Forums Rejig


I second or third or whatever the suggestion to split up the CB forum.

National, International; trade/output?, equities, banking, etc


One way to raise the tone of the forum would be to have a seven day ‘cooling off’ period before a new user can post…? Maybe just for sub sections of the Forum, ie Central Bank…


Is there an external arbiter which offers a service of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of a discussion board’s set-up?

I’m thinking of a web service called something like like ratethisboard.bla

A Moody’s for online communities, if you will.


I think a political economy section to the CB would be useful.


A ‘Life under Martial Law’ section could be popular by the end of the year…?

But seriously (actually I was being serious), I think the forum is great but it might just need a few tweaks to the structure and the establishing of sub sections as they are needed (ie Anglogate).


I mostly browse the pin via the “Latest Posts” link so which forums are available won’t make it look too different - frankly there’s very little point in having a bajillion subforums unless there’s so much activity that new threads tend to drop off the front page before people get to see them.

I’d probably de-emphasise the “Price Drop” aspect of the forums. We’re at the stage now where it’s just not noteworthy or special when a drop happens.


Good point. The ‘Price Drop’ section is sooo 2007.


A fair few people watch the latest drops.


It’s an important part of a property forum, I suppose, but it’s a bit like watching accidents on youtube.


I suppose a folder or thread where it is allowable to criticise controversial moderating decisions would be of interest to nobody.

I used to moderate a board, and in contrast to here, moderators had to endure criticism. Frankly, it led to higher standards, and people framed their theories more sharply and smartly.

I know, I know, it’s an amateur pursuit, with people giving freely of their time and effort.

But so is GAA, and do you really think GAA quality would not suffer if players and managers could not be criticised from the stands?

Obviously, in sports, players and managers are barred from criticising bad refereeing decisions. But in contrast to web-boards, in sports there is a vocal third party in the spectators. Here, the only 3rd party are a group that are non-audible by definition: the so-called lurkers.

So, in short, I would say: allowing moderators to be criticised for poor decisions in a specially-reserved section of the board may sting for a moment for the moderator concerned, but ultimately it will lead to better moderating.

And ultimately, it’s a question of pride. When you f%&k up, do you really want everyone to be walking on eggshells afraid to point it out? Don’t you see it’s the bigger man who can say “I made a mistake”?


I have only two requests.

  1. Keep the colour scheme so you can read the Pin at work.
  2. I dont think it will be an issue but has gone to the dogs because of the tolerance for personal abuse. Since the last GE its really been awful stuff. Boot people off swiftly who abuse other posters.


And its corollary the thread that allows all other posters to be criticized – to help them raise them game of course!


I think the Mod policy is spot on here. No one gets too far out of line.

One feature I would like is ‘show new replies to your posts’.
Its on other forums. If you make a contribution you should be able to click a shortcut to see if anyone has added to the discussion.

Also dont split into too many sub forums. You only need to consider this if it gets really busy and important topics disappear from the front page too quickly.


I’m not saying remove it entirely. Right now property drops occupy the majority of the board index and as much of the “Latest Posts” index as forum posts do. Price drops no longer require this sort of emphasis and in any event there are now much better tools like daftwatch and property bee for keeping track of it all.


rock3r, stay on topic. Further posts about moderation policy in this thread will be deleted.


Get rid of the XX smiley - way overused, and a bit (ok very) crap.


This is not a suggestion box.


Further posts that aren’t related to this will be deleted.


I would really like to see an education forum.

There are so many great posts/threads/topics lost in the depths of the Central Bank. What if there was an education button (like the report one) whereby a reader could nominate a certain post/thread to be moved/reproduced in the education forum?

This way, readers with little knowledge of various topics i.e. derivatives/political theory could have improved access to the aforementioned. The education forum could possibly be broken down into economics/political theory/derivatives etc.

Also, educational articles could be reproduced in these subforums.

It could help de knowledge economy.


Interesting idea ixus… It would certainly provide a home for alot of the links (GB I’m looking at you!) that are kinda difficult to categorise currently!

Mind you, maybe the politics subforum could be retitled polemics 101! :stuck_out_tongue:


Or, the Gospel according to TUG.

Actually, communism/socialism or any other ism is something I’ve never opened my mind to.
Some of the posts lately have started to get me thinking about it. Lots to learn there.

Scary stuff!