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Not sure if this is the right thread to post this in? Sorry TUG if it is not.

Re the Property Price drops section, I for one check it almost daily, and I really appreciate the work done by posters btw. I would really like to see in the title the price per sq ft or sq m, as I think that is an interesting guide to “value” or lack of, as case may be.
I have been doing some calculations of this kind recently, and I know it is a bit of extra work, especially when total area is not quoted in the ad. But I’m sure it can’t be just me who is doing this already? And it wouldn’t have to be the original poster who has to come up with the figure, so as not to put off spontaneous posters of drops. Once original total area is worked out, it can be posted and then subsequent drop posters could re-figure the price per sq ft easily.


Another thought on the education forum i mentioned before. How about an article thread sticky whereby users could post articles from around the globernet in a single thread. No comments allowed, just post a link to an interesting article.

If anyone wanted to discuss it, they could then start a thread to discuss it. It would provide users with a reference point for all articles.

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Would there be room for a thread that discusses poster’s individual share picks!?

i.e. a poster’s reasoning behind his or her (non property related) investments, twinned with macro-economic analysis.

I just got a pretty active thread on an alternative forum closed down and I am looking for a fresh start!

If the pin isn’t the right place, no worries! If it is ok, hail free market competition!

I would PM a mod but it seems like it’s not possible for new members.