Opening a UK Bank Account on moving there...

I’m moving over to the UK in a couple of weeks and will be looking to open a bank account over there straight away. I’ll be staying with my sister for a while.
As far as I know in Ireland, a bank would ask for photo ID plus some bill or headed letter with your name and address on it - obviously I won’t have one of these so how does one get around it / open an account?

I’m not sure on ID and stuff but I would recommend Nationwide, most of the others Lloyds, RBS etc, treat you like sh1t until you’ve been in the country for 3 years or you’re a student.

cheers for that

Are you moving for work or college? If so, get your employer/college to write you a “you are who you say you are” reference. Might be worth bringing a bank reference from here too?

I swapped my drivers license straight away, takes 2 weeks to get. Handy for other stuff too

Apply for National Insurance num asap too… Takes ages

However my girlfriend opened an acc with passport and old business card

Depends on bank official I guess

I’m moving over to look for work - so no employer / college

You might be able to get your sister to vouch for you? Bring both your birth certs…

AFAIK all you need is a confirmed address, so once you can prove that and your ID you should be okay. It’s a while, though, since I opened an account in the UK (twenty years :open_mouth: ).

I went to london yesterday and opened one in Natwest all i needed was passport and two irish bills with proof of irish address its a sterling
acc.They asked why and I told them my husband was working here most of the time and i was still in ireland waiting to sell my house and follow .That was it

Jeans got there before me … open your UK bank account BEFORE you move over if you possibly can. Its a lot easier if you use your Irish address, utility bills etc as it’ll probably take you a while before you can set up in your own place and have your own. Just ring whatever bank you decide to go with, ask them what you’ll need to bring in with you, and pop over and open an account in a high street branch. Co-operative Bank have always been good for me - Co-operative have the edge re. customer service on a lot of others and their online banking is very good.

I managed to open one relatively quickly with HSBC. They took passport and copy of lease agreement and Irish bank statements. Were really helpful. Give them a call before you go as they’ll give you a good steer.

Getting an NI number is also a priority and a bit more of a pain as you’ll have to go to one of their offices for an interview. It’s just a formality and not an issue in terms of getting a job, but your tax won’t be right unless you do so.

Once you are set up over there consider opening a non-UK account in somewhere like the Isle of Man to put your savings into. You can earn up to £2k per annum tax free as a non-domiciled individual without affecting your UK tax status. It is useful to have this, as when you visit Ireland you can spend the money. Just can’t bring it into the UK. It also beats having to apply for the DIRT exemption in Ireland which will eat up 27% of any interest you earn.