Opening of Kildare motorway deferred … 38848.html

Mrs. YM wants to know why they built it so close to Christmas… was there not another route available?

It smacks very much of “there’s no-one available to take the credit for building it, as we’re all on holiday”

Wonder if ther is any family connection to the petrol station. Just wondering like. :unamused: :angry:

Wonder if ther is any family connection to the petrol station. Just wondering like. :unamused: :angry:

Should a serious motor accident occur on the old road during the posponed opening period, will the Minister and his cronies accept personal responsiblity?

Personal responsi … what … did you just make up a new word?

He’s opening the Ballinasloe - Galway M6 on Friday, is opening two motorways in the space of a week too much like hard work. :smiley:

No point outshining yourself, is there? :unamused:

This kind of thing makes me sick to my stomach. Political news management at the potential cost of human lives.

The petrol station and restaurant that will be bypassed in Crookstown, has a huge sign outside saying “Minister, Save Our Jobs!”

These people are obviously lobbying the minister at the expense of everyone who travels the road. Currently commuters are taking 40 mins to get through Castledermot so the motorway is urgently needed.

NRA has already announced motorway will open on Monday 21st Dec. So these highway profiteers can go swing.

fucking bastards!

I mean eh…

With all due respect, in the most unparliamentary language, fuck you Kildare South TD Seán Power amd Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey. Fuck you.

I took the opportunity to ‘Gogarty’ Mr Power to his face about four years ago -when he was still a Junior Minister. He is one of ten children but gives every indication of being cloned from his father Paddy the sometime TD and Minister. If I describe him as the archtypical FF TD that probably is enough to convey his personality.

Surprise, surprise, this fucker is a member of another FF “dynasty”.

Frankly unbelievable, deferring a critical part of our infrastrature so some poxy doomed resturant and gas station can have a last christmas. Small town polictians fucking the national interest for a vote. We have no hope.

Honestly what did anyone on the pin expect from these parasites? There wil be no change until we get rid of them, none whatsoever FFS.

There don’t appear to be any service areas on the motorways in Ireland. Why not? - some of them are long enough to warrant a petrol station or two. If these things were done with a bit of forward planning, perhaps the affected businesses could be offered relocation or something.

Which is not to say that this delay isn’t ridiculous, of course it is - if the relevant authority say the road is ready, then the rest is just nonsense.

On RTE Radio 1 Road opens on Monday after “criticism”.

What sort of stupid fuckers ever thought that it should be any other way.

I’m emailing my local FF TD on this.

It appears you can do a u-turn on a motorway after all…

here’s yer coat. get out! :angry:

One of his brothers is in a Green party member.
It didn’t go down too well with the family “ethos” I believe.

Easy solution… boycott these businesses

Crookstown? Brilliant. :smiley: