Operation Digout - Home Choice Loan Action Thread


Well done KN, I’ll submit when I get home. Nice as the Gulag sounds stoppedclock I like my vittles too much.
The beauty of this is that if you had highlighted it before they would have changed things to somehow pass it, now that the budget is out and FF are getting hammered this will be picked up my demejja as the scam it is.
(I now owe you and your backbenchers 2 pints).


Well done KN, i’ve sent also.


This seems a very well presented case. Good work! After submitting, what’s the process? How long does it take to get a reply? Does it need a lobbyist? Would a MEP help? (not that I have one on my books)


State Aid control
Online complaint form

Your complaint has been sent. Thank you!

Sent - well done KN and all the pinsters for all your hard work and time on this…

OSB… :smiley:


Well done kerrynorth, I’ve sent mine.

I had to get a new password its so long since I logged in(always lurking though) and had to laugh to see my new password had arrived at the same time as this mail:

Subject : Your easier way to your new home…

As you are no doubt aware Minister Lenehan in his budget last week introduced some initiatives for first time buyers, and I am now forwarding details of these for your attention.

We can now offer you three routes to secure finance to purchase your first home:

  1. Many borrowers will still look to the main banks or building societies to secure a mortgage. In this instance we are Independent Mortgage Brokers and will advise you as to which lender will offer you:

(a) The loan which you require to purchase your home and
(b) At the cheapest monthly repayments.

  1. The Home Choice Loan works on the following basis: if you can show that you have been refused a loan by a bank or building society, you can then apply to the local authority may then advance a loan of up to €285,000 or 92% of the purchase price of your home.

  2. Government Home Equity Scheme. Where The Government will take an equity stake in your home, which can be bought out in stages, or at the end of a fixed period. New legislation is required to enact this, so full details are not yet available.

We can forward you full details of these schemes if you wish.

As well as advice for your mortgage, we will advise you on insurance which you will require when purchasing your home so we can offer you a one stop shop for all these requirements.

As Independent Insurance Brokers we will source for you the cheapest premium for this cover.

I will call you in a couple of days



Very easy to amend yourself when submitting the complaint.


Your complaint has been sent. Thank you!


The bottom bunk is mine! :laughing:


Some typos:

“This aid is been given” -> “is being given”
teh -> the
The 3 occurrences of “whom” should be “who”

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State Aid control
Online complaint form
Your complaint has been sent. Thank you!

It would be great it this scheme got put down by the EU!


i’m trying to send but i don’t have a postcode, help?


00000 works




tanx, it tried seven six and four 0s so five must be the lucky number.

message sent.

well done Kerrynorth.


Type in ‘none’.


Sent. Congrats to KN and his helpers



Thanks for your work, my head was beginning to boil about this.

If the EU uphold the complaint I will actually vote Yes to Lisbon (next time around).




KN. You must have got an ‘A’ in Civics in your Inter cert. :slight_smile: