Operation Digout - Home Choice Loan Action Thread




Done, thanks. I feel empowered.


outstanding work KN and everyone involved - thank you.

Mine is sent. And the thread e-mailed to my friends.

Let’s not muddy the waters ! Frankly, I’d prefer if the Germans were running the country :wink:



Takes 2 minutes to complete so no excuses.
Thanks for making it so easy KN!






i’ve said it before, do not be surprised if there is no leadership in this country then nobody will complain when a retired german ex-city manager comes to ireland with a big red pen and a ruler and crosses out the things we can not afford but nobody wants to cut.
honestly, are we children.
however from what some of my european friends say, there will be a queue.


Fantastic work folks! Well done.

State Aid control
Online complaint form
Your complaint has been sent. Thank you!

Told them they could reveal my identity to their hearts content.
If I dissapear in the next few weeks, check Lenihan’s basement.

I’ll post those instructions on IrishHomeTruths.com too.



Great work lads. I’m watching out for the CIF now! Country Tom arriving at the door with a bag of lime, a shovel and some rope :laughing:


Done. Lets bury them before they bury us!


I wrote in n/a and that worked


Submitted. Well done to all involved.


Done. Well done KN & Crew!


That’s almost 40 complaints registered that we know of.
Well done to all!!!
This is gonna be big…https://www.dailyspeculations.com/index.24.gif


Well done lads, submitted.

Can I just say 1 thing though, instead of clicking on KN’s link to file the complaint, can some of you copy & paste the address into a new window so all the complaints don’t show this thread as the referrer.

Edited to add: I’ll retract my complaint if I get a bailout to the tune of 1,000,000 Euro, worth a try :angry:


Ken will be delighted .

He will receive a lovely acknowledgment email from Brussels tomorrow ! :nin


Absolutely brilliant work KerryNorth
Time to stop the bastards 8DD


Done and also forwarding to all my friends to do the same


Plus politics.ie and lurkers! Someone going into work in Brussels tomorrow morning is going to not know what is about to hit them when they boot up the computer tomorrow morning. :smiley:


Having had time to read through this, I want to ask a couple of things.

First, does Article 87 only cover inter-state competition? It reads:

I think several grounds of the complaint rest on this not being the case. For example points 6 and 7 of the “Distortion of competition” section.

Also, is not the “HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY BLOCK EXEMPTION N89/2004” section in there to show the scheme falls outside of the exemptions of 87(3)? (That is to say, that it does not constitute a form of social policy to help the poor). If so, then the complaint set out in the “Grounds for Complaint” section falls under all three paras of Article 87 and not just 1 and 2 as stated at the bottom. Sorry, a kinda pedantic point!

It seems to me the first part of the “Distortion of competition” section is very strong on it’s two main points:

  1. The complaint about the possibility of Irish developers distorting markets elsewhere off the back of the subsidy in Ireland (and on the narrow technical point that there is no requirement for accounting separation) seems to me a slam dunk, especially with respect to Irish firms in the UK, of which there must be many dozens. That link must be very strong and very direct and would surely would be impossible to deny.

  2. Distorting competition among mortgage providers (including foreign banks) also appears a strong point. Although the narrower matter of whether the government and their broker agents are abusing a competitive advantage in the first place worries me somewhat because the scheme stipulates that you must have been turned down by a bank already. In other words, one could argue there is no competition for your business. If there is competition, then clearly the Irish government is taking on both Irish and European banks and that cannot conceivably be right.