Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


No Money Up Front
(Edit: Click here for a Quick-Start Guide to participating in Operation ‘No Money Up Front’)

There has been a lot of talk.
A lot of talk about action.
Of protest.
Of letting them know how we feel.
Against NAMA.

We need a leader.
We need a voice to represent us.
To play the media game.

This is what they would want, nay expect.
This is not what you need.
They can deal with this.
Challenged but once and they have won.

Nor will there ever be a leader to represent you truly.
Not as effectively as you.

In that there are you there are many of you there is not one person.

You are sitting at a computer 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year.
A never ending job share 24/7 cover nationwide.
Hundreds of thousands of you.

You communicate with many people everyday
Possibly hundreds, maybe even thousands.
From your place. Directly.
You have more power at your finger tips than any human has ever before in the history of time.

You are the beast.
You are legend, myth and folklore.
Yet you exist.
Rare but real you have been spotted.
That’s how those gamekeepers survive.
They need you kept.

You are the change you want to see.
No one else can change you.

Unless you surrender your being.
Is that what you want?

To all, the time has come to share you story.
Share you experience. Use what you have learned.
Imagine what you want to see. Imagine the reality you so desire.
One of stability, security, equality and peace?

To the matter at hand. NAMA is not your real target is it? Your target is the very system that has let NAMA slip through. You don’t believe that by stopping NAMA you will win? Do you?

The Green Party leaders unwavering endorsement of NAMA in the face of the parties internal doubts and rising public outrage make it the first legitimate target of civil pressure. Along side every government minister, every TD in opposition, every local politician are the legitimate targets of your demands.

We must together as individuals make the one most important demand. We must ask one very simple question of these offices and agencies of the state. We must do it in a way that we feel comfortable and each way is as legitimate a way to ask this one question.

There has been dribble debate.
There has always only been one course one invisible captain.
We know great things have happened.
We also know we do not truly understand the full consequences but what we can be sure we can know of is this one thing.

So to all the public representatives of this nation on behalf of yourself, your children and children yet to be born,

Do you support NAMA, yes or no?

Now go forth and ask this to every fucking overpaid backwater shabby mouthed politician. Fill their in boxes with thousands of emails. Fill their letterboxes with letters, fill the lobby’s of their clinics with question after question.

Make it clear that this question must be answered unequivocally.

Yes or no, do you support NAMA?

Repeat… yes or NO!

Only you can ask this question.

Protest? Yes we can have a day out walk down a narrow street.
Flanked on all side by security forces.
The message communicated through that evening news.
Filtered, distilled mangled looking like every other mongrel “protest”.
Covered by tomorrows paper in quarter page article page 26.

Is that what you want?

Is that the best way to spend a precious day?
How effectively has it worked for other groups?
Are they still protesting? How many years now?

Instead I see thousands of people taking 10/20 minutes or an hour out of their day to ask this question.
In the way they can. I see thousands of them all over the country in every country in every town asking the same resounding question directly. Is that you? Ask yourself can you do this?

Is this not the action you want?

Do you not want to challenge the very system, the very people who have fuddled, fudged and dodged all the serious questions till now to this point where the vampire is now across the threshold?

NAMA shadow will be cast over every playground, ghost town, employment black spot, hospital ward closed, flight out of dodge.

So get the fuck off this forum and go out there and ask the question,

Do you support NAMA yes or NO?

If this is not enough what then?

Then you mobilise.

(Edit: If you cannot see the picture with the instructions written on it, the text of the it has been added here (a post further down on this thread): click this instructions link

Full PDF link to follow


Green Party people and contact details.



Other GP websites






garrethmcdaid.com/ Sligo/Leitrim/Roscommon Greens


homepage.eircom.net/~dublincentr … street.htm



Simple but effective OW - I have spent the morning sending that one question.


Excellent post,sent off my first e-mail.



May I politely suggest that a letter (or phoning) is more effective than an email when it comes to dealing with a TD.


I am happy to write letters, emails do phonecalls etc, but have some reservations about the question. Firstly, these are politicians, they don’t answer Yes or No to questions, so could end up with many Yes’es by default. And secondly, many who may have concerns about NAMA in its current proposed state may still feel that we need a “bad bank” and that NAMA is an ok vehicle as long as it’s weighted in taxpayers favour, etc, so they are unlikely to say No outright. What’s the ultimate aim of this tactic?


In particular would posters/lurkers email the the Green group for their constituency from this list greenparty.ie/en/people/local_groups. In the email request that they pass on your email to their membership list.

I sent this one yesterday to the Kerry North Greens

And this is the response I got

Do not just copy my email put it in your own words.


Personally I like the idea of putting them on the spot - yes I am aware they are politicians who don’t give straight answers - but that is the beauty of the simplicity.
Let them give their reasoning, if they support a bad bank and are willing to settle for NAMA then let them explain why - give them rope…


First response from John Gormley.


To make it so very easy for everyone to take the first step in participating and have it done by this afternoon like :slight_smile:

So far they’ve probably heard nothing on the NAMA issue of much noise, now we need to firestorm them on this one issue what better way to as “Are you fore or against”… most only think as far as the next election and if they feel like they are on the wrong side of the groundswell they may sweat it a little.

The merits of NAMA, we have other thread for that this is a simple action thread. So keep it to that.

We may compile the answer people receive if so can keep a note of them as they go along for now.

So please keep to the action at hand all other debate can continue in the forum.
There is the need right now for simplicity an this is it.


Thanks for answers and explanation. I’ll get on it so.


I got the same response from John Gormley’s assistant. I’m tempted to ask what’s her opinion.

If anyone wants the email addresses together to copy and paste into your email contacts, here they are:



There are thousands of registers user on this forum alone.
Spread the word to other forums take up the cause of the simple action.


brian lucey has a copynpastable list of emails addresses here: brianmlucey.googlepages.com/namapetitionandoireachtasemails




Perhaps they think we have not been watching? This action will clarify that pronto.



Bombs away!


I have to salute you OW. The more I think of putting the pressure on the greens the more I like the idea. If they allow NAMA to go through with no objection and it goes tits up they will have destroyed any inroads they have made in recent years. Doing this will appeal to the “politician” in them. If enough people raise the question and demand answers they will count these people as potential voters thereby securing their future!!



To make life a little easier on people wanting to join Operation ‘No Money Up Front’, here’s a Quick-Start Guide.

Quick-Start Guide to participating in Operation 'No Money Up Front’
The operation is about asking the public representatives of Ireland: Do you support NAMA, yes or no?

  • View the instructions here (a picture with the instructions written on it): click - this instructions link
  • To quickly join the campaign, you can use email.
  • A list of representative to Copy and paste into your “To” box of your email is here (an earlier post on this thread):click this email list link

I’ll link this in the first post.

Some people may not be able to access the picture with the instructions written on it. I’ve posted the text of the picture here (a post further down on this thread): click this instructions link