Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


Feels good to communicate to our elected representatives…It’s cheaper than therapy


Good work! People feel free to compile email lists here for all to use and remember to use those addresses respectfully :smiley:


My email to all of the above (thanks for the template KerryNorth)

Hi All,
I am emailing you because I would like to make clear my concerns regarding NAMA.

        Recent proceedings in the High Court and Supreme Court, have exposed to the public at large, the value of developments and property of Mr Liam Carroll and the wider market in Ireland. To say this now established value bears no relation to the notional “long-term economic valuation” that is proposed for NAMA, is an understatement. Justice Kelly in the High Court ridiculed such long-term economic valuation as “Fanciful”. The Supreme Court, in upholding the High Court’s decision, went further to say there was no 'objective evidence' to support such a notion.

        NAMA as proposed, to purchase assets at what is now increasingly clear, a multiple of the true market value, transfers a massive amount of wealth from every man woman and child in this country, to Bondholders and Shareholders of the major financial institutions. There is a concept in economics (which I am being quickly educated in, in following this issue) called Moral hazard. Moral hazard dictates that it is the shareholders and bondholders that should be the first to take the hit of losses, not the taxpayer. 

It would seem, from the draft bill, that NAMA is being set up to avoid the nationalisation, and protect the investors of the main financial institutions. In doing so it not only protects, but rewards, those who consciously put up risk capital to share in the rewards of profits. However, they are now not being asked to take the downside of losses, as would normally be the case.

This would appear to be a textbook instance of privatising the profits and socialising the losses. I would hope that you as part of the oireachtas and the members of your party fully understand the issue is that is before you. The importance of this issue can’t be overstated.

Could I ask that you please forward this to the other members of you party who I’ve missed, who actually may have a vote on this matter, unlike us, the people it could affect for decades.

Yours Respectfully




I’m trying to get some movement going on the football 365 forum, it’s members only but I have a login and there are some angry Irish folk there.

Good luck all!

I’ll be sending my own emails over the weekend.


Some people may not be able to access the picture with the instructions for Operation ‘No Money Up Front’.

Here is the text of Open Windows picture with the instructions written on it:


I’m down to Joe O Toole and have to take a break…there’s a lot of them on the payroll!


You can copy the full list and paste it into your “to” option on your email…it’ll send the lot in one go.


Actually I had to split the list in 3, outlook wouldn’t send such a large list in one go for me.

Responses are beginning to roll in now, should we post the responses? Either in this thread or in a New one?

I suspect most are canned, but one or two should be unique, considered responses.



Mine sent in one go!! (Yahoo) To all.
I’m thanking those you have replied no - straight off, the canned ones I’m not, the yes ones I’ve asked for a further detailed response.


Brilliant, thanks for this guys. Have sent emails, waiting on replies.


you can post responses but omit all names, email addresses and personally identifiable information. no canned responses please.


Don’t forgot that although emails are very simple to do but they aren’t as effective as a telephone call.


emailing Mary White at the Dail address gets a prerecorded reply saying ‘away from the office til (summer holidays)…will respond when I get back.’


gmail sent it in one go as well, but I have a feeling that spam filters will probably stop them, will have to wait and see if I get any replies to the payload of banana skins I dropped on Leinster House, Green party HQ and Green councillors around the country!


I have it on good authority (civil servant in IT who gets lumbered with the job for his minister) that a number of TDs and ministers regularly update their filters and rules for incoming emails to either bin them directly or send an auto response and then bin them. These filters are updated regularly to include keywords for any sensitive issues that are being raised in the Dail or meeja, so in large number of cases, your email will never be seen by human eyes. Email is actually great for politicians, it allows the cranks (as they would see it) vent without the politician ever being aware of it.

Phone or traditional mail is the only way to be sure that your concerns come within proximity of another living being.


Thats fine.

If users note the responses themselves as they come in maybe in a excel sheet for the moment. Colum for name and a column for reply (yes, no, no comment) We can collect these at a later date.

If every user on this forum and all the Anti-NAMA campaigns sent emails that woudl stretch over 100,000 thousand emails (we’ll try do a more accurate calc) if just using the Dail email list, included all the other politicians and groups this number woudl rise massively. Could we send 1 million emails? Yes we could if people started to email out the instruction sand links to their internal emailing lists, friends families.

For example 166 TD x 500 users sending email = 83,0000 emails.

Tell me that woudl cause a little stir. Don’t worry about the holidays messages Lots of them will be away but thats the point they should be here in the middle of the largest emergency the state has ever faced.


Thanks for that. Very helpful I’d say keep sending the emails anyhow and use these methods too. Not all TD will have this employed to their local emails accounts for their clinics surely?

If peopel are using their own accounts they may still get through.

Like I said in the end if they don’t answer the emails, letters, etc we can always arrive in person. Lots of us.


I didn’t get this autoreply which makes me think the spamfilters have got my mail.

Anyone got any idea what is the max number of addresses I can send to at the one time without the oireachtas.ie spamfilter stopping them?


Maybe try sending to the bcc field instead of the to field.


Yeah I know but I prefer to send individual mails. Think they have more impact that way.