Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


I sent to everyone using the BCC field in my gmail. Have 7 replies in half an hour or so, only one looks canned (although a couple use some prewritten bumf about the National Recovery Bank), all no, all FG.


Replies coming in thick and fast - too fast for them to have been written in direct response to mine.
FG giving detailed response and individualised text. These have to have been pre-prepared. Nevertheless, it’s good to hear from them.
All Greens seem unreachable till the holidays are over.


Same as that. All FG. All opposed. They are all different. I know at least one was not a pre-drafted response. It simply said “oppose”.

The plan is the National Recovery Bank.

Below is the most detailed response


Response from the Green party economic policy group:-

Hi Name,

Thanks, we are very aware of the issues you raise, and others as well.

I will as you request post this to the group, or extracts thereof. It makes the central point very succinctly.

NB you might want to check out Constantin Gurdgiev’s site—you will find it unter “trueeconomics”.

Economic policy group
Green Party

That’s the canned response I’ve received loads of those.



The only green I’ve gotten through to is Brian Meaney and he is fully against NAMA. He is finding it very hard to get answers from ‘Dublin’.


Yep I used the bcc when sending mine, just had a canned reply from a FG TD and an out of office from Dan Boyle, so at least some have got through.

I also sent to all the green TD’s using their greenparty.ie addresses.

[Edit] replies flying in now, including one from a Labour TD calling for a General election.


What about viral email to but information out to the public?

A email, well crafted and posed in easy to understand (yet not dumbed down) terms, laying out clearly what the real dangers of NAMA were, could be sent by pinsters to all their contacts. It could request that if they found it informative, they could forwarded it to others.


Several from Labour now, all personal replies, all no.


Several from Labour now, all personal replies, all no.

A yes from FF asking me how I would propose to improve the economy. Could provide some interesting debate!


One FF response - *You seem to have the exact same concerns, expressed in precisely the same language as loads of other people.

I would take your email a lot more seriously if it contained some original thinking. The issue is too serious. *

My response -
The fact that my concerns are similar to those of a number of other people doesn’t make them less valid.
Their expression should make no difference either. Is it necessary to be an original thinker in order to get your attention?
Are you willing to indicate where you stand on NAMA?
If not, that’s fine.
Regardless, I thank you for taking the time to reply


Original thinking & FF? Would ye get up the yard!! :smiley:


For what it’s worth my email was sent with the intention of pricking the conscience of the Green Party councillors before their convention on NAMA but for good measure I sent it to all TD’s aswell.

At least one senior FG TD has undertaken to raise the concern in the Dail.


Keep sending those emails! They are getting through.


Dear Dame

You are obviously a troublemaker and part of a nuisance group that is not going to vote for me anyway. I couldn’t be bothered engaging with your sort.



Sent off my mail last night loosely based on Lucey’s template. Lots of canned responses.
I’d like to think this reply was genuine, probably the best so far. Anyone else get the same?


Dear Flea Flea TD
You rose to the challenge …
passionate, but short on originality. :smiley:


Anyone hear from George Lee? I e-mailed him a few days ago and got no reply.


Well at least we are pissing people off.

Mr Name

The annoyance of having the exact same email coming into my inbox with no original thinking or ideas cannot be overstated either.

You claim that NAMA will buy assets at a multiple of market value, however, no valuations have been announced.

We need good original ideas, not chain emails. The problems that the country has are too serious. We cannot just sit back. People need to be put back to work. Chain emails won’t do the trick.




Speaks volumes. Keep em flowing!


Got the exact same one from MN, I thought it was genuine also, ah well… :unamused: