Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


Hey - this sounds like my FF charmer!!


Arrogant and pig ignorant.

Could everybody articulate the same exact concern in a slightly different manner for me please.

Just give me my €100k a year plus generous expenses while I work up my fat pension entitlements and take care of my mates.


I enjoyed that response :slight_smile:

Don’t worry to much about identities all we know is that asking the question is your right and to be belittled by Fianna Fail representatives speak volumes. They are answerable to every citizen in the country and each of the them has the duty to answer each and every one of us directly if that is what we demand its not there money its our money as the taxpayer. They are not above the law…

Maybe in past times that was not possible but we are all enabled through technology and if they refuse to address your query then they are a fraud.


An example of a better reply…



Emails sent. FYI if you want to email TDs & Senators separately (I’m fussy about “Dear Deputy” v. “Dear Senator” myself) a list of TDs emails is here:
oireachtas.ie/documents/memb … 090609.doc

and Senators emails here:
oireachtas.ie/documents/memb … 090525.doc

If you prefer html lists:
TDs - … en&ct=clnk

Senators - … en&ct=clnk


Again, I really want to stress this, do not sit back with the emails, they are too easy to ignore.

Send the arguments as a letter to your local TDs, a large volume of something tangible is useful in getting these guys to notice.


This seems to be the generic response from FG.

I am getting some members responding on an individual basis such as:


Yes waves but first email is easy fast and can catch like wild fire. Stamps are dam expensive but if thats what we must do for a 2nd wave then it will come to that and then a 3rd wave… lets concentrate and getting thousands of people to email.

10 users generate at least 1660 emails sending to TD overreacts addresses with no money up front… it woudl cost 913 euro to send that many letters. Where email is cheap and maybe valued less it can easily make up the difference in volume. There is a genuine user at the end of each one if people use their real name and send from genuine accounts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a few in boxes reach there kilobyte limits and become inoperable. That would be an awful thing to happen right over the weekend as email after email drops into the inbox over the next 48 hours. Imagine arriving in Monday morning to find you can’t get your email account to work nothing going in or out? Terrible shame.

A simple question asked a lot can do more than you think.


Yeah but TDs mostly don’t operate those accounts and secondly, for them, they get their envelopes and stamps for free! :stuck_out_tongue:


…Likewise postage to the government or a state body was free untill Fergal Quinn and a few others on a committee scraped it in the late '80’s. Neat little snip that to keep the citizens from getting too uppiddy.


They didn’t account for the glories of email. Keep em going. Spend time writing g more detailed letter but hitting those in boxes with thousands of questions is the key.


If I were to go to the gates of the Dail with a sackful of letters that I’ve written, would someone accept them from me?


That can be done I am sure. I can arrange large volumes of envelopes at very little cost if we need to.


Make sure they are brown… And bring a few inflatable bananas!!! :smiling_imp:


How about this for insightful…

Dear Name,

NAMA is better than nationalisation if it works. This will depends on the valuation, which has not been set as of yet and will be discussed with my parliamentary colleagues in due course.

Yours sincerely,

Green party TD


Snail mail letters printed & sent to my local TDs.



There is some limit of unstamped mail that will be accepted at anyone time at the Dail. To prevent exactly this.


They’ve ever cared about people. The whole system is devised to keep you at bay.


I’d just query that a little, as I’ve feeling he’s FF gene pool. For the sake of argument, in the past he’s criticised protestors against US troop movements in Shannon Airport, calling them “conspiracy theorists and malcontents scaremongering over the use of Shannon by the US military”. I think we all know how promotion of air travel in all circumstances and blind support for the Gulf War are Green Party core values, that FF would never support in a fit.

Now, maybe he is actually serious about his objection to NAMA. But I can’t help noticing that he’s
[quoted on the RTE website as simply wanting to be clear the Government has a mandate]

Now, maybe he’s misquoted, but that doesn’t sound like “fully against NAMA”. Apologies on banging on, but I just feel the most important part of that statement to him was getting in the standard FF West of Ireland “Dublin” paranoia.