Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


What? Do you think that before this, no one had emailed a TD to complain about NAMA?

NAMA is the only game in town, all the political parties have been getting correspondence on NAMA for months now, of course they have stock answers long since.

Anyway, on the subject of writing letters to TDs I think I may have come up with a solution to getting a large amount delivered FOC. I’m going to try it out this week.

The plan is to write letters to all the Government TDs and then put them all in one large envelope and drop it into the office of a local opposition TD together with a cover note saying “please find enclosed letters to all Government TD’s expressing my opposition to NAMA, the next time you are in Leinster House could you kindly drop them into the mail room. All envelopes are open, if you wish to check the contents you are welcome to do so.”

Any reason why this wouldn’t work?


This seems to have worked as I have had at least one “out of office” reply from a Minister which I didn’t get from my first round of emails which leads me to think that this one got to his inbox while the first one probably ended up in a junk folder.

I was also careful with any possible key words in the body of the mail so used “bänkers” and “pröperty develöpers” aswell.


On Newstalk two politicians are referring to the hiundreds of emails that they have been recieving over the last few days on NAMA. However, one did say that it was clearly a stanrdard email being sent or a slightly personalised version of a standard email.


Standardised emails get dismissed very easily.


Story about the emails in the print edition of the Sunday Tribune. Even a quote from this thread. News Section page 4. Dont see the story up on tribune.ie yet.


An email campaign involving politicians will only have a marginal effect since they have already decided which way they will vote (they don’t call it the party whip for nothing). All politics is local so unless the local hospital is being closed they will follow the party line. It is having an effect though as they will probably count the number of emails to gauge the public response.

We are hitting the wrong targets with an email campaign, a “NAMA: Stop and Think” email campaign aimed at Joe and Mary public (i.e. ourselves) would be much more effective.

  1. Explain in laymans terms what NAMA is.
  2. List who the stakeholders in NAMA are and who gains and looses.
  3. Explain in laymans terms the defects of the current proposed legislation.
  4. List the actions people can take to stop this with a link to this forum or other anti/pro NAMA sources.

Since time is critical it would have to be done in a week to get maximum penetration by September.


We need to move to phone calls. They are much harder to dismiss. Anyone know where we can get a list of constituency and TD’s telephone numbers


coming up…


Newstalk interview about to start.


We need people to send personalised emails to their Green Party constituency organisation that they live in, or nearest to, to pass onto their members. The Green Party website has the email address for each constituency. Let them know full well that you live in their constituency.

Ivana Bacik on RTE referred to getting ‘hundreds of emails’ but she also said that were mostly the same and there appeared to be a couple of campaigns running, effectively dismissing the impact of the quantity of emails. We need to personalise this and move it away from the politicians to oridinary Green Party members.


Four replies. 2 FG say they’ll be voting no.

2 FF asking for my address and phone number - lucky me… :unamused:


Dont know if this has been mentioned elsewhere but you are largely wasting your time contacting any TD if you are not a voter in their constituency. You’re not a voter so they don’t care.

Stick with the local guys and emblazon your address in any written correspondence sent.


Fixed that for you… :wink:


I emailed all of those in the email addresses listed.

I’ve had just one FG response indicating the party’s intention to object to NAMA in its current form.

I’ve had 8 out of office replies so far… Gmail OOO avalanche expected over the coming hours.

Memo to the Green Party:
“A man is known by the company that he keeps and how well he keeps it.”


Already at least 2 or 3 media hits and peopel have only been sneidng emails.

Kerrynorth has been picked up by the tribune and so too has the email campaign,

tribune.ie/news/home-news/ar … aign-oppo/

Critical mass with a singular focus can have tremendous resonance.

Well done and keep up the pressure where you can. For others this is a call to get as many people to ask that question! Do you support NAMA yes or NO?

Thanks to the tribune! Give us a wave :wink:


They will find on September 12th thats its a bit more than 2600. No to Nama Group hitting close to 4000. (and i might add that from the small percentage of people who post their opinions on the net)


Got a mention on the Sunday Supplement this morning when the FF TD mentioned that he had received a number of emails on the subject but they are all seem to have a similar text so he was assuming there is a campaign being waged.
Darn tootin!!


There is a hierarcy in terms of communication, an emails are close to the bottom.

Personal visits are at the top. Most TDs run “clinics” attended mostly by needy supplicants of the state seeking housing, education, medical care, and social welfare. Oustside of that planning permssions,road improvements and community grants would be high on the list.

The average TD would fall off his seat if you walked into his clinic and put an arguement to him againest Nama. It would also profoundly influence him, as its out of the ordinary.

So, at no cost, to you, find out where his or her next clinic is close to you, attend, and state your case.


That’s a good move.


Don’t toot too loud. This is an effort at spin, first label it as a coordinated campaign (coordinated = conspiracy), then it becomes coordinated by an anonymous group (anonymous can be made to carry all sorts of subversive undertones), then gradually turn anonymous into cranks and crackpots and finally extend this crackpot definition to anyone who dares question the wisdom of NAMA.

It needs to be pointed out in response that as there are a limited number of key deficiencies in the NAMA plan, it is hardly surprising that the emails are simliar, given that they will all most likely focus on these key issues.


Good points…