Operation Phase I - DIY (No Money Up Front)


Teh email campaign is excellent and I think we should spread it to as many of our friends as possible. However these TD’s have lots of resources and emails will not impact near as well as a call to the constituency office/clinic or a tlephone call. We should concentrate our efforts on the Greens as they hold the balance of power on this one. Lot’s of pressure needs to be applied to them before the convention.


Says a lot about mainstream print media. With the exception of 2 or 3 journalists, I am stunned at the shivering unwillingness of most other journalists and editors not to take the responsible and balanced position and constantly publish the concerns of the nation, challenge the ‘real FF agenda’ and expose the truths. Hard it maybe but it is so, so important we look out for our childrens future and our grand children. It disgusts me to the core to see how Government dismiss citizens just concerns in favour of elite clubs of golden circle players.

RTE are a complete waste of space - no teeth, Primetime on Thurday last was a comedy sketch - disgraceful, and we are paying TV licence fees for that pathetic journalistic effort. FF controls the top floor at RTE.


It looks like I have underestimated the canniness of our illustrious leadership. He may have had advice on this but he could have worked that one out all by himself.

Drives me mad that they can be so dismissive…whether it’s organised or ad hoc, it’s still a considerable amount of valid opposition. If they can cover the possibility of the adoption of an Bord Snip’s rural transport cuts for 2 days on PBHayes then surely this warrants a bit more airtime on our national airwaves…think of what the Joe Show did for the Pensioners or the Lisbon Vote…Ben Dunne must have swung it for a lot of ‘don’t knows’…time to give the liveline a call, that’s how to get through to the people


I have heard over 50 TD’s supporting NAMA in the last few days. Some of the supporting comments were direct from the TD but others were delivered anonymously via the media. The comments were all so similar and the statements so specific that somebody must be waging an organised campaign supporting NAMA!


Classic :smiley:


All in the national interest Pat, all in the national interest. VI’s looking for resumption of normal service, rally monkey being fattened up, for Nama bubble. And around we all go for yet another magic roundabout of selling more shit to one another. Begs believe. No vision of what the alternatives to Nama may look like in 10/15/20 years. Of course, we know Government ability to conduct efficient and effective cost benefit analysis, just look at the amount of national infrastructure projects ballooned final budget costs, huge delays in the initial claimed project completion deadlines and quality significantly below plan. I question if Gov have consider all options to our banking crisis and objectively explored a detailed CBA for each potential solution? Has external and independent peer reviews been conducted of CBA’s? No! Why?


I’ve just posted the great and the good. My email was slightly longer as I tried to debunk a few of the easy-outs that I know they want to give so as to avoid the question. Plus of course I believe we need NAMA or a similar kind of scheme. I said as much and explained a few methods that I thought could vastly improve the current solution (which mostly seems to consist of stuffing money into the pockets failed businessmen with no downside for them and no upside for us). So my question was do they support the scheme in its current format. Hopefully that’ll make it marginally more difficult for them to squirm off the hook.


Whaa! First actual reply from a FF TD, canned reply: (I got to two different mails I sent.)


EVERYBODY! Its OK! Lenny is going to intervene in the matter ! Move along now!

I got the same one too :slight_smile:

Getting a few more replies this morning, a massive reply from Arthur Morgan in SF among the more usual canned responses.



I got the Arthur Morgan one too which deserves to be published here if only because it’s more than ten lines long.

This is one labour response I got.

I got quite a few this morning - and another couple of requests for my phone number and address.


I got a very strong one from Labour TD Thomas P. Broughan (Dublin North East and Spokesperson on Transport) where he says in as many words that he’s totally opposed to the Nama concept and believes we need a General Election ASAP. Pretty strong stuff. I wonder if that will translate into action. One to watch.


That was one of the first onses I got!

He obviously just copied his original response to me, to yourself! :laughing:


This one?

Doesn’t sound strong to me - just sounds like typical ‘let’s not deal with the issues’ stuff that Labour are particularly good at.

diluting it among us all doesn’t help either… :unamused:


Replies still dribbling in currently 37 replies and 12 out of office.


Probably similar here. The same response from the FG brigade and no NAMA response at all from FF reps.


The best one that I received so far, defo not a copy and paste job:

"I’m totally in favour of it.

We need to get these bastards who have borrowed the billions and brought down the country out of the picture entirely, so the banks can lend out to ordinary people and companies which isn’t happening now.

The only people still getting money from banks at the moment are property developers. NAMA will change that entirely.

We need to stand up for the people not the developers. That’s why I am for NAMA."


oh dear - sounds like somebody didn’t do their homework

What I meant by strong was that he doesn’t equivocate. He has committed himself to a position. Now maybe he’ll do nothing about it. Thats why I said one to watch. I meant we should actually watch him and he if he follows through he’ll be a rare thing in Irish politics - a politican who says he’ll do something and then does it. Or (and this does seem more likely). He’ll talk the talk but fail to walk the walk. In which case I’ll be somewhat less impressed.

As for using the same reply over and over - you can’t expect them all to be personalised. If I was a TD emailing back to hundreds of posters about the same topic I’d certainly use the same snippet of text over and over. I have no problem with that.


Is that for real? Surely not? You’re taking the piss right? Because…i’m speechless if that is actually for real… :open_mouth:



One letter to a TD is worth fifty emails.

If you support the idea of a Green convention on NAMA, it would help if you could write to one of the Green TDs or Senators to that effect.

Also, a letter to the media or a phone call to a radio show praising the grass roots Green initiative for a Convention on NAMA would greatly help. The Greens have been getting crucified over the last year or so, so anything that signifies a positive public response will mean a lot in terms of the internal Party discussion on this. We can point to the public support for the initiative, in contrast to all the negativity that–deserved or otherwise–has been directed at the Parliamentary Party.


I personalised the template and sent the following. So far the responses have been a mixture of auto-responded out of office notices and cut and paste replies but I am glad to say that a number of respondents have done so personally.