Opinion on site price in rural wexford

I am looking for some opinions on a site which myself and my husband are looking at purchasing. The site is on the market, and has been for the last three years, and at the moment looking for offers in excess of 69,000 for one acre with full planning which expires in June this year. However, in 2004 we actually looked at this site and were told by the auctioneer we would get it for 25,000 at the time (outline planning on it at this time). We subsequently bought a site for 30,000 a few miles away which was bigger. This site was sold by the farmer in 2006. We are now looking at this site again. We are considering offering 25,000 for this site. Could not bring outselves to pay more when it was for sale in the boom for this price. Also, planning will have lapsed so essentially it will be a site subject to planning permission. What do you think?

Speaking as an EA in Wexford…small sites with no planning in rural areas are going for 25,000 or 30,000. For a nice one acre site with full planning, maybe beside Gorey or Wexford town or along the coast road expect to pay 35000 to 40000 now. So it depends on the location of your site and its size. Is it in a desirable place? Popular with holiday home makers perhaps? Or is it just surrounded by agricultural land and far from a largish town?

A couple of thoughts.

If planning is so old that its lapsed; then re-applying will be significantly more complicated than previously. Many, many planning rules have changed since then, so it may or may not even be achievable again !

The other thing is that while you may think a large 1 acre site is more desirable, than say a 0.5 acre one, remember that any CC development fees are going to be based on two things; the size of the house, & the size of the site, so a larger site may end up costing you a shit-load of money you’d be better off spending on finishing your new home !

I wonder is there scope here for gaming the system? Buy portion A and get planning permission; subsequent to grant of permission buy portion B?

Is site size really relevant? It wasn’t five year’s ago when I was getting PP…

Stall the ball there for a second… Someone wants ~20k for a field in Wexford?


A field? In Wexford?

Any idea what newish one offs are selling for?

What is the build cost of the house you are planning to build?

Why are you so keen to build a one off given that its not family site etc?

There are hundreds of one off’s for sale in wexford at the moment and very few are selling…Unless you have a very good site I think the difference in price between buying and building will be minimal…esp when you factor in project managing the build yourself…

You can place your offer to buy as being subject to planning permission being obtained.

The planning regulations are much more strigent now regarding septic tanks etc… and you may have to spend 1,000’s on environmental reports and planning may still be refused.

Be careful.

It would be better to buy one with current planning permission that wont run out for a few years.

thank you all so much for your prompt replies. good to get ‘outside perspective’. we will probably offer 20,000 and see what happens. Really would not be willing to pay much more. slasher, you asked why we want to build. To be honest this next house is our third house and is going to be our ‘house for life’ so to speak. We know exactly what we want and the only way to get it is to build. It is not family land but all of our family are living in the area at the moment and I was born and raised here. Our children are in the local school and we really dont want to leave the parish. We love the site and where it is but I really feel considering its been for sale for just over three years I don’t think it is worth anything like in excess of 69,000 and also it is surrounded by farmland and is in a very rural area and well off the main road which is why im absolutely not prepared to pay anything like the asking price, regardless of how much I like it. It suits us and what we want but I think if you were ever to sell you would have great difficulty getting rid of your house.

Thanks again everyone.

well, I can’t argue with that!
You seem to have good reasons and understand the difficulties if you did ever want to sell, so best of luck