Opinion Poll July 2013

rte.ie/news/2013/0706/460961 … nion-poll/

Undecided 34%
Fianna Fáil 29%
Fine Gael 26%
Sinn Féin 19%
Independents 19%
Labour 8%

Undecided and Independents over 50% of the vote & satisfaction ratings for all are poor. The country is absolutely ripe for new parties.


It’d be a bit less than 50% because the Independents are 19% of the 66% that have made up their mind. Still, valid point that satisfaction with main parties is abysmal. Anyone know what the ‘don’t know’ rates usually are this far away from an election?

Is the opening there for a single party that could sweep up 30% or so to become the biggest party? I reckon the dissent fractures all over the place: some conservative catholic, some liberal economics, some socialists, some greens. If Ganley and McDowell could find an accommodation for their egos and policies they could eat into a chunk of FG/FF (maybe they’ll add Lucinda to their ranks if she thinks they look serious/organised). Disaffected centre-left voters could be content with SF or the socialists if one or both leaned a bit more into moderate territory. Alas, some might even be tempted by FF. Sad face.

An election is probably still miles away though. Government parties will call this a mid-term slump, hoping that by the time the voters have to really think about politics we’ll have exited a bailout programme and had a pre-election giveaway budget to prop up their numbers.

FF the largest party XX

Someone told me yesterday “well people are obviously fed up with the current crowd”. Not fed up with a party who has managed to bring the country to its knees 3 times in 80 years however XD

The only bright point is the number of people seemingly dissatisfied with all parties

Let me guess. All those movements are within the margin of error, which is not disclosed but is likely 3%. But “Nothing to see here” does not make for a good headline.

  • 1000%

I have to say this is totally depressing. If there was an election tomorrow I could not honestly vote for anyone but I would commit Seppuku before voting FF after what they’ve done.
Like everything else in this country (or maybe the cause of everything been how it is in this country) our politicians are a fucking joke.

As things stand I’d spoil unless a new party I’d support appears on the scene

But if forced by gun point to vote for one of the current parties FF would be a long way last

Quiz time!

Can anyone explain the difference between FF/FG? In particular, make reference to the differences in their vision for the Nation and it’s People. Where are they leading us? Do they even know? Do they actually have a plan? Have they a vision for the future?

No of course not. They are the same corporate political party that operates simply for the good of it’s shareholders. Perhaps if people realised that they might put their backs to the wheel of creating meaningful alternatives… new parties? strong independents? anything but FF/FG?

with a bit of luck the plain people of Ireland will see the light and the labour party will get a majority at the next election

what this country really needs is more power for the likes of jack o connor and david begg

Keep it down! If they realise this themselves there’s a danger that they’ll merge into a super-party that will rule for 1000 years.

a labour majority wud be great if you like giving more of you take home pay to the government so they can give it to d vulnerable… personally i like holding on to the money I earn and we already pay high levels of tax.

Believe it or not, this seemingly-random piece of internet thought has a basis in evidence!

Authors of ‘The Irish Voter’ us.macmillan.com/theirishvoter/MichaelMarsh surveyed a large number of voters after the 2002 election and found that voters could not discern any policy/ideological differences between the two.

Prob spoil my vote next time out. What half decent party is there to vote for!!!

Was thinking of going SF - I have a theory that if they got into power then the whole country would ‘really’ crash within 6 months as oppossed to the life support/continue as before BS we have now.
But I suppose I should be careful what I wish for