Opinion Polls: conduct them only if sure of the answer

This is how politics work in Ireland.

Conduct opinion polls only if they’ll give you the answer you want.

Use the press to Astroturf and the press have no issue with assisting politics rather than just reporting upon it.
Considering policy was set for two coalitions by the wife/partner of a business interest representative Ireland became a very different place due to her policies and the actions of the Irish Independent in getting her elected party leader.

I was watching s2e02 of Borgen last night and a Pat Cox opponent to Harney was shipped off to the EU to get him out of the way.

I think it was a mistake by the Irish Independent; king or queen makers are supposed to stay in the background unseen and knowledge of the strings pulled left unseen.

independent.ie/entertainment … 37397.html

The indo has been publishing ‘opinion polls’ for years which generally are pushing their own agenda. Anyone who is doing an opinion poll can easily lead the question (framing effect) either in the phrasing or in the tone.

The story makes the PDs look even more dullwitted than previously suspected. What sort of idiot would make a decision based on a Sindo poll?

Imagine the damage these clowns could’ve done if they’d ever got into power?

No, wait …

A bit like the time they polled the public to see if they believed Denis O’Briens Lowry sceal - round about the time he was rowing with Sir Anto over Eircom or was it INM?

A piss poor poll of 100 telephone respondents. Political anoraks might have had an informed opinion but Joe public hadn’t a rashers. But of course it suited the INM plc line.

Probably the most blatent example, or can anyone top that?


I’ve no doubt that it was.

What’s the reason that it didn’t become “known in the media” after his death?

Actually, don’t answer that.

So did anyone suddenly become very wealthy in January 1993?

Maybe a waste of time asking but…

Are any of those individuals still alive and if so can they be prosecuted?

Wasn’t there also evidence that certain individuals dabbled in bank shares in the days before the guarantee was announced?

So did anyone suddenly become very wealthy in January 1993?

Evil_g, All will be revealed with my autobiography in 2039 (with the proviso that the subject of my revelation has passed away).


Actually it couldn’t have been him because he died in 1941.

Someone remind me, was PJ Mara close to Haughey? Is Eamo mates with him too? Jus wondering, like.

Yeah. That stuff is all in the past Coles. It definitely didn’t happen the last time the Punt was devalued cos the guy who was minister for Finance is as pure as the driven fucking snow.

Corporate Philanthropy, Criminal Activity, and Firm Reputation: Is There a Link?

Wonder if this applies to individuals?

Chastise Haughey in front of a not insignificant number of the population and they’d produce an elderly relative to wave their free travel pass in your face