Opinions on Tor Bui Knocknacarra


I came across this estate in my search for a house in
knocknacarra and see these are pretty reasonably priced.
I also noticed that there were some Co Op housing opposite
them. I have two young primary school kids. In your opinion
would this estate be a kid friendly environment? The estate(Tor Bui) itself
seems to be well maintained and they are in the general area
we would like to buy. All opinions are greatly invited.

Thank you.

Tor Bui is O’Mally built, so you should not have any structural or build quality issues.

I know a house in the estate across the road went for about €170k.

There is a national school within walking distance, lots of kids in the area.

Cappagh Park, with all its existing and imminent sport facilities and playground, within easy walking distance, even for the most unfit and for primary school kids.

Near bus routes and taxi ranks.

The folks across the road seem to be very civilised. Only once ever did I hear of any problems there (a week or two of kids throwing stones at passing cars). I know some lovely, cultured, salt of the earth people living in that estate across the road.

Within very easy walking distance of the pending Colaiste na Coiribe.

Within walking distance of a shop and a hotel.

Location is very good, overall.

I’d recommend if I didn’t have such a bias against small houses, having lived in one myself for far too long…

As mentioned, the location is very good, beside the park/playground and within walking distance of SilverStrand through Barna Woods. Gaelscoil primary around the corner, and as mentioned proposed secondary school up the road. O’Malley house so rock solid - only problem ever seems to be a leaking shower door in all of them…

Downsides include shared parking - this may not bother you but could be a showstopper for others - visit in the evening when everyone is back from work to see what it is like at the house in question.

There seems to be a growing number of rentals in this estate - maybe check with PRTB website - if buying a semi-detached/terrace, make sure you find out who is living next door before you buy. It could be a lovely old lady or tenants from hell (this goes for any estate).

Overall, I think Binn Ban/Tor Bui is one of the best estates in Knocknacarra - very well maintained and good green areas for playing.

These houses were approx 150k pounds in 2001 when they were built - I would not pay more than 170k euro now, maybe less after the budget. This one daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=643061 is sale agreed asking 175k

The rental prices in Knocknacarra/Barna seem to have risen lately - daft.ie/searchrental.daft?id=1246771 asking 1100 seems a bit optimistic, but there is very little supply in general and as a result rental prices are rising.

Thank you all very much for the invaluable information. I am liking the
fact that the recreation/community center will be nice and close. It is really
well maintained externally from what I saw so a huge plus for that reason alone.
Again a huge thanks for all the useful input.

More familiar with the estate across the road, but it is lovely out around there. The park on your doorstep and a walk through the woods and down to the beach. Great places in Barna, or further out, on your doorstep, buses to the city, uni, schools, hospital, etc.

I heartily recommend that area.