Opinions on wexford property market

Might have an opportunity to relocate to wexford this year so would be interested in opinions on the wexford property market. Has anyone bought there recently have seen usual reductions on treesdontgrowtothesky etc but would welcome views. My current thinking would be to sell in dublin and rent for a year/ eighteen months in wexford… thanks

Sounds ideal. From talking to friends (yes, yes, anecdotal, no figures whatsoever to back this up) I have the picture that Wexford is chock full of ‘investment’ properties bought by canny Dubs who would now be in the ‘despondency’ stage of the cycle. If you couldn’t find a decent rental gaff down there for 18 months for half nothing then you are Liz O’Kane.

I have family in north wexford. A rabbit hutch sold for 150k in Gorey in 2007 but prices are obviously significantly down now. Incidentally, the Wexford Wildlife Reserve has 1/2 of the entire world’s population of White-Fronted Geese. It is, by all measure, one of the top birding hotspots in Europe.