Opportunists Take Note

This is one of the most unusual listings I’ve seen,

myhome.ie/residential/search … FNLA395745

  • Planning potential for considerable 4 bed detached, s.p.p.
  • No doubt of full planning being granted

Perhaps it should be marked: s.p.p.b.p.p.c
(subject to planning permission but planning permission is a certainty)

There really needs to be a clampdown on the use of planning permission as a speculative device in real estate adverts.
Some form of outline planning should be mandatory before you can mention planning.

They also seem to be predicting a second bubble. 8DD

Oh, I don’t think something like rules and regulations would have made much difference in this case. Look at who the EA is:

Michael Kelly & Associates,
Brookfield House
Carysfort Avenue
Co. Dublin
Tel: 01 2833500 Fax: 01 2833592

finfacts.com/irelandbusiness … 8428.shtml

independent.ie/national-news … 64146.html

One of the chief rats of the bubble. If you go to look at this house, don’t believe a word
that comes out of the EA’s mouth. In fact, it might be worth asking for ID to verify that he gives you his real name.

And shower immediately afterwards.


Seems like a really nice house to me. ~€100k overpriced IMHO though. Would sell in the €450k range I should think.

I might give them more credence if they learnt to spell.

Precedence or precedents?

It seems crazy to me that they’re selling it at all given what a amazing investment it clearly is… Especially with the market about to turn ‘not far from now’. :unamused:

Really? When can I buy. :angry:

House still for sale at €500K.

Now site to side advertised at a price of glass bottle proportions, €150k

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -24/212536

has become

It is a nice house; I think I’d keep the garden.

are they aware that this house is in D24?
For half a million quid it is mind blowing :open_mouth:

It is worth about 250K. (200 for the gaff, and 50 for the plot)

Someone would buy it right now for 350 I’d wager.

House now for sale on it’s own (without “DE LAND”) for €345K

daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=5 … rch=1&ea=1

So it won’t be the €350k you predicted! Clearing price below €300k now I think. How far below is the question.

I meant 350 WITH the land. sub 300 for the gaff alone now i agree.

The sign outside the site now says Sale Agreed. Looks like they got a planning application through which would have helped.

House bit still has a For Sale sign.

“due to the shear size of this side garden” - shear or sheer?
Or does this mean the garden can be kept trim using shears? :open_mouth:

"Update 6th Oct: Michael Kelly & Associates present this Site for Sale - NOW SELLING WITH FULL PLANNING PERMISSION!! PLANNING FOR A LARGE (135 SQ.M.) 3 BED DETACHED PROPERTY WITH ATTIC ROOM ! Michael Kelly & Associates have negotiated that a builder complete the finished build for €140,000 if so desired. This figure to include council contributions. This clearly demonstrates the opportunity that exists here to build your own home to current building regs, with your preferred internal design and at a price that is incomparable to others in the vicinity. "

This EA has essentially valued 135sq m detached houses in this area at 275K.