Optimistic EA

Hurry hurry hurry - according to EA’s description “This property will be snapped up in the blink of an eye!”.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … im/2199043

Ah sure who needs a garden when the marina is next door. Flooding anyone?

Never mind the build quality looks sh1t, look at the staining on around the foot of the wall and from water leaking out of the gutters on the end wall. Oh and it has electric heating and no out door space, where do you keep the bins?

Jesus, some of those planners were high on crack

All the inconvenience of high density living coupled with the inconvenience of a rural setting

In fairness, the EA must have let his 10-year old kid write up that blurb - look at how it begins!

Area flooded heavily back in late 2009.

Under “Features”: Only house for sale in development

That’s me convinced then.

they even have it in the wrong location. To me, it looks like the development just across the Shannon bridge on the Roscommon side. And as previous posters have said, this was under water 18 months ago along with the shopping complex beside it

Yep the map is arseways - they have it located in the middle of the N4 when in fact it is in location described above.

it probably will be though

Very unlikely at that price.

… or they said it was a bad idea and were overruled by the county councillors


What a legacy

Must be a slow blink - still sitting forlornly on the market - and will for a while yet.

Just knocked 10 grand off - would need to half the price for it to become realistic.

Taken off the market for sale - now up for rent but this hasn’t diminished the ea’s positivity:

“the first to see this house will take it.”

myhome.ie/rentals/brochure/i … pertyAlert

A holiday let build in Carrick? I would say close to uninhabitable and FREEZING all year round. The EA probably owns the place.