Orchard Mews, Brookfield Avenue, Blackrock (-1425k, -71%)

Was €2m … cd=2&gl=uk

Now €1.85m

Now €1.55m

-€450k (-23%)

now €1.65m:
-€350k (-17.5%)

Now 575k
2020 sq ft (including converted attic space)
€284/sq ft

Down 71% from peak price of €2m.

NIce looking house. I wonder why they didn’t bother to put photos in the add above ?

images3.daft.ie/sale/410000/4114 … rdmews.pdf

It’s a brand new listing, they’ll probably be added soon I would imagine.

Think this will sell for over €600k


Good finish and nice house.

I’m not so sure; thepropertypin.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=37990 :angry:

was almost knocked down in the stampede to get into this house this morning for a view, story is two offers already on the table, i predict a bidding war

What were the offers?

Went to see this house today. There must have been about 70 people there. They all arrived in the their bmws and range rovers. When we parked up there was a lady sitting outside in her jammies. This is no knocklyon - we left skid marks out of there…

Anybody care to open a book as to how much over the asking price this will go?

Which asking? The latest one, or the €2m asking price from 2008 :slight_smile:

Incidentally this is an excellent example of why the Price drop forum has to stay as it is. Even though prices are rising at the moment, there are threads like this that show the drop from early in the collapse

I don’t know the area very well but I’d guess this will go well above the (current) asking.

1,640 sq ft (when you remove the attic storage) and they only fitted in 3 bedrooms?!

Anyone know what the current offers are?

When we saw it on Saturday, the EAs said they had received 2 offers, one at 525k and another at 550k.

The neighborhood is definitely a bit colorful. May not suit everybody. Does anybody know Carysfort National School that is around the corner from this place? I’m not too familiar with schools around there.

8 offers so far. Currently at 590 I believe.

The school at Carysfort is a good one. It serves all the swanky areas between Carysfort and Mount Merrion Avenue. Not all the kids will have D&G lunchboxes though, your neighbours over the wall from Orchard Mews will be there too.

Another busy open house this evening. Current tally is 12 bids and 610k.