Orwell Gate, Marianella, Rathgar (-400, -13%)


Was curious what these might rent for as they are pretty far away from town or decent public transport. You can get a lot better for less that meets the commuting criteria. At the price of them I suspect making a rental income would need a rent around the 3k per month so not really the best investment. I always envisaged them being for downsized empty nesters who had sold million quid plus houses in the area.

That one seems to have cleared now. There is another one still listed today at 2800 which started out at 3250. If this one clears as well without another drop then we can probably assume the clearing price for a 2 bed here is in or around the 2800 mark.

Four months later and there is one available here at 2.5k. Listed about two weeks and just refreshed today so it is hardly flying off the books…


I wonder what rent these tenants are paying. Whatever it is, they’re still not satisfied


They could be your neighbours, from €795K.

Jeez, he did well rocking up from Kurdistan and getting the government to pay for his apartment in Rathgar! And then complaining he doesn’t get his own personal gym to boot…tough life mate!

They are paying around €70 quid a week. Nice if you can get it to live in Rathgar.

These issues arose in London when I was living there. The social part of the buildings used to have their own door. The Guardian got themselves well worked up on the topic. Used to call them 'poor doors ’ and ran various campaigns to get the low income tenants access to the common areas.

Not sure how I’d feel about it if I lived in a building with that element.