OT: Big in Japan: How to rent an apartment in Tokyo

The Gift thing isn’t a problem, just amortise it over the year. You’re paying a portion of the rent up front and paying a smaller monthly rent.

The fact that it’s non refundable is a pain, but if you’re not going anywhere who cares.

The gift to the realtor is just the realtor’s fee being passed on to the tenant rather than paid by the landlord. Again, think of it as part of the rent being paid up front.

So you’re monthly rent is actually $1850 a month, with a chuck of it paid in advance so that the actual monthly cost is $1500.

If I knew I wanted to be in a place for a year I’d consider paying the full years rent up front, assuming I could get a suitable discount, and a guarentee that I wouldn’t be kicked out.

Oh, and by the way, stop posting this kind of stuff in Ireland, you’ll give them ideas.


Actually when you think about it - its quite shocking they did not think of it in the height of the boom. They seem to have thought of everything else

Went home for christmas and I honestly felt everyone was trying their best to F&$K me sideways…but I still enjoyed it. Thats the problem with us Irish - we take the plunge and leave (8 years) but you always always love home

“Where 'ere we go we celebrate the land that made us refugees”